Taking Embedded Librarianship to the Next Level: Action Steps and Practices

An ALA TechSource Workshop Presented by Buffy J. Hamilton February 2012

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Today s Learning Targets
Explore traditional and emerging definitions of embedded librarianship y Explore tools for learning through real world examples of embedded librarianship y Identify best practices for establishing learning partnerships

idea sparks and


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Group Poll

What is your library environment?

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takes a librarian out of the context of the traditional library and places him or her in an on-site setting or situation that enables close coordination and collaboration with researchers or teaching faculty.

Source: Jack Carlson and Ruth Kneale, Embedded Librarianship in the Research Context: Navigating New Waters, College & Research Libraries News 72, no. 3 (March 2011): 167, accessed Dec. 11, 2011, http://crln.acrl.org/content/72/3/167.full.


Source: Dale, Jenny, and Lynda Kellam. "The Incredible Embeddable Librarian."Library Media Connection 30.4 (2012): 30-31. Academic Search Complete.


"Embedded librarianship involves the delivery of highly customized and highly valued information and knowledge services to a customer group with well-defined needs.

librarians as a node in networks attuned to perpeutal learning

Quote Source: Slide 24, http://www.slideshare.net/PewInternet/libraries-and-learning-communitiesinternet-librarian?from=ss_embed

there is no one size fits all model of embedded librarianship

Source: Dale, Jenny, and Lynda Kellam. "The Incredible Embeddable Librarian."Library Media Connection 30.4 (2012): 30-31. Academic Search Complete.
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embedded librarianship comes in many varieties and forms

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embedded librarianship
learning community

Read, listen, watch, and learn at http://pewinternet.org/Presentations/2011/Oct/Internet-Librarian.aspx

Learning Communities and Librarians

Read, listen, watch, and learn at http://pewinternet.org/Presentations/2011/Oct/Internet-Librarian.aspx and http://bit.ly/AEw9iG

Learning Communities and Librarians

communities formed around content standards
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communities formed around information literacy standards

communities formed around passions, interests, wonderings, and curiosity
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the common thread: creating and sustaining conversations for learning

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relationships are the cornerstone of libraries and participation
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embedded librarianship is

scalable to the
needs of a
learning community

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A. Yes, online learning environments only (Blackboard, Moodle) B. Yes, in face to face learning environments only C. Yes, in other ways D. Yes, in some combination of A, B, or C E. No F. Not sure

Group Poll

Are you or your colleagues embedded in a learning community through your library?

families and global learning communities


Skype and Wikis

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Listen at http://www.slideshare.net/theunquietlibrary/nayman-1st-period-poetry-reading?from=ss_embed



Read more: http://glma.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/student-poetry-webcasts/

Adobe Connect

Google Docs

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Social Media

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academic learning communities

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Twitter: Librarian Jazz


Read the full text article at http://collaborativelibrarianship.org/index.php/jocl/article/viewFile/145/107;



Read more at http://bit.ly/nh4ZiJ Source: Hicks, Alison, and Caroline Sinkinson. "Situated Questions And Answers: Responding To Library Users With QR Codes." Reference & User Services Quarterly 51.1 (2011): 60-69. Academic Search Complete.

QR Codes

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Google Hangout

Information Dashboard/PLE

Information Dashboard/PLE

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Google Docs

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In general, the iPad lends itself to collaboration in ways that a laptop doesn t, which fosters a great deal of sharing. The pilot has also created an exploratory climate on campus as teachers, students, and administrators learn at the same time how to use the iPad and what it will mean for their teaching and learning When we all, students and teachers alike, ask these questions and become learners, we become real partners in this thing called education.
Learn more at http://bit.ly/wLKmet and http://slidesha.re/wOTeja


I think the most transformative part of the process is how the newness of the device created a climate where all of us were learning together that created a more democratic learning process for our campus because everyone was thrust into the position of learner. It was like starting a new school in that sense. We have work to do and hurdles to deal with, but it will continue to be a collaborative learning process, and that s the shift that has been most significant.
Learn more at http://bit.ly/wLKmet, http://bit.ly/x0FLV5 , and http://slidesha.re/wOTeja


future learning spaces for embedded librarianship

‡Buddypress/Wordpress ‡YouTube ‡Mobile apps ‡Gaming
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Future learning spaces to amplify the face to face conversation

brainstorm and share

Brainstorm and Share
‡Do you have any existing partners or projects that might lend themselves to this model? ‡What takeaways do you have from the examples we ve explored today? ‡What challenges do you foresee and how might you address those?
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tips for success

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Tips for Success
‡ Start with a pilot program and make changes based on an assessment of that program. ‡ All collaborators should have a clear understanding of each other s roles and responsibilities; at the same time, be willing to adjust those roles and responsibilities in response to the needs of the learning community. ‡ Start small
Source: Dale, Jenny, and Lynda Kellam. "The Incredible Embeddable Librarian."Library Media Connection 30.4 (2012): 30-31. Academic Search Complete.

Tips for Success
‡ Build on existing relationships first ‡ Think outside the box ‡ Be realistic about the time and energy commitment ‡ Regular , clear communication is a must ‡ Assess the project (formative and summative)

Source: Dale, Jenny, and Lynda Kellam. "The Incredible Embeddable Librarian."Library Media Connection 30.4 (2012): 30-31. Academic Search Complete.

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library is the story of the human experience
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sustained, voluntary delight that is mutually beneficial

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fantastic product or service

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enchantment transforms situations and relationships.
Guy Kawasaki, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

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No risk, no art. No art, no reward.

Seth Godin
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