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ADAD-Planning of Santa fe fe


The company aims to achieve sustainable, profitable growth through the development of superior products, and customer-relevant technologies. The companys top priority is achieving global competitiveness in an increasingly global environment.

Secondary Objective
Promote the new car. Reaching the BEP as soon as possible. Creating the market in between the existing market. Customer awareness about the product.

Features & Specifications of the vehicle

Santa Fe underscores Hyundais leadership in standardizing the industrys most effective safety technologies. It has been awarded a Five Star safety rating by NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) making it one of the safest SUVs to drive in. y Santa Fe comes with a premium safety feature - ESP (Electronic Stability Program) which is one of the industrys most effective life-saving technologies, that integrates the functions of EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) system, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and TCS (Traction Control System) to ensure greater driving stability. y Another feature not seen in most of the other SUV in this segment is the six standard airbags including side and curtain Airbags for all three rows of available seating.

Features & Specifications of the vehicle(cont.)


Hyundai Santa Fe has been included in the Hyundai product portfolio which has given customers, one more reason to rejoice in this festive season. The SUV has been launched with two trims i.e. 2 WD and 4 WD that will be available via CBU route. Hyundai Santa Fe is powered by a 2.2 litre CRDi, 2199cc, DOHC, 4 cylinder diesel engine that pumps out maximum power of 197 Ps at 3800 rpm and belts out highest torque of 420 Nm at 1800-2500 rpm via 6 speed transaxle transmission system.

Price & models of the vehicle

4x2 DSL MT 4x4 DSL MT

ExShowroom Price Rs 2,113,622

ExShowroom Price Rs 2,315,400

Media Vehicle
Newspaper Television Hoarding Magazine
Telegraph and Times of India

Sony ,Star Plus ESPN ,TEN Cricket Karukrit SELVEL Overdrive ,Auto car ,India Today

Purpose of Media selection

Newspaper Television Magazine Hoarding
Telegraph and Times of India are most selling newspaper.
Sony and Star plus have the highest TRP. ESPN is because of the English football, and Ten-cricket is because of the upcoming South Africa series
In case of the car & bike magazine Overdrive & Auto car is the most preferable , India Today is one of the highest selling magazine .

It create an extra highlight among the people about the car

Advertisement Matter
Newspaper Television Hoarding Magazine
Free Test Drive Ad Servicing Centers and Dealers

Visual Display Ability of the car. Brand Value of the car. Introduces new Hybrid Technology Servicing Centers and Dealers

Target High Value customer Competition with other brands. Descriptions of the car

The price of the car is 23 lakh . If we consider the selling of the car , per month 2 car at Kolkata in 3 month , the sell would be : 6 cars = 1.38 cr. In case of the advertisement expenditure the expenses on Television and Magazine media it count on nation wise. And , if we consider the News paper and Hoarding advertisement expenses so we can probably reach at the break even within 2 month of period.


Sony Star Plus ESPN Ten cricket

Time slot 8pm11pm

Time slot 8pm11pm

Time slot 6pm11pm

Only in cricket match

Show 6 times in time slot ,duration 30 sec. Per time

Show 6 times in time slot ,duration 30 sec. Per time

Show 5 times in every weekend in every football match. Duration 30 sec

Show 3 time in every 10 match.

per day 6 times *3.75 lakh per 30 sec.* 90 days=20.25 cr.

per day 6 times *3.75 lakh per 30 sec. * 90 days=20.25 cr.

5 times*4.5 lakh per 30 sec*30 days=6.75cr.

3 times*10match*3 lakh per 30 sec*short ad 5 sec10 time per match*1lakh=1.40 cr

Cover the full page . That will be colored advertisement Briff about the dealers and service center. Only in Thursday and Friday Rate = 22 inch(55 * 220 per,100/-*12=1,45,200/-

Times of India


Cover the full page . That will be colored advertisement Briff about the dealers and service center. Only in weekend. Rate =22 inch (55*211 per 11,605/-*12=1,39,260/-

Magazine and Hoarding

Large hoarding with Park street light 95000/ Large Em bypass hoarding with light 80,000/Overdrive
10,000 per month * 3 month edition =30,000/-

Auto car
10,000 per month * 3 month edition =30,000/-

India Today
25000 per month * 3 month edition = 75,000/-

Large Rashbihari hoarding with light 80,000/ Large hoarding with light 90000/-


Promotional activities
Hyundai Motor India offers women friendly incentives o Special Women Scheme o Special gift offer on test drive. o Organize Lottery with collaboration with City Center.