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Ito Yokado Case

Group 1: Asmita Dhopeshwarkar(G11073) Kaushik Agarwala(G11084) Laxman Prasad Dubey(G11086) Manohar Sethpalani(G11087) Samarjit Mazumdar(G11104)

Current scenario:
Current lines of businesses of Ito Yakado
 Chain of departmental stores  Chain of retail stores  7/11 markets  Restaurants

Steps taken by Ito Yakado to increase earnings

 Inventory management  Effective use of Reform Program (PR) Empowerment of employees  Upliftment of image in customers eyes

 Steady growth in revenue and profit from 1982 to 1988

Problem Statement:

What improvements can be made to the RP? What should be the next evolutionary steps in the growth of Ito Yokado?

Using MIS for Supply Chain management: Create an automated Inventory Tracking System (ITS) Integrate ITS with the Order Tracking Tystem to minimize human intervention Incorporate statistical forecasting of sales into inventory management Incorporate Just In Time (JIT) concept Integrate Ito Yokado MIS with manufacturers MIS to remove intermediaries, especially for apparels.

Recommendations for the future

Build and promote Pre Ordering capabilities Home Delivery schemes to minimize inventory Customer Loyalty schemes supported by MIS Internet/Phone based ordering capabilities Explore vertical integration for apparel Explore lean human resources strategy Explore lean process engineering Optimize product display and shelf space based out of MIS and statistical data

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