. While keeping our money safe.Purpose of Banking  The main purpose that banks have been serving since their inception is keeping our money safe for us. they also let us earn a certain amount of interest on the money deposited with them.

Internet users in Different Regions WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS Internet Users Dec.819.572.6 % 1.171.) Internet Users Latest Data Users % Africa Asia 3.290.9 % 337.7 % 1.093 393.4 % 474.892 18.270.949 108.170.492 1.710.373.596.899 4.330.919 173.861.614 3.8 % 342.384.9 % 41.096. (5) Information in this site may be cited.3 % 1. by GfK.9 % 10. 2009.internetworldstats.903.096.2 % 803.792 Europe Middle East North America Latin America/Caribbean Oceania / Australia WORLD TOTAL 6. Miniwatts Marketing Group.346 23.000 657.100.5 % 15.2 % 100.304.767.4 % 132. local Regulators and other reliable sources.816 17.398 48.029.480 20.9 % 34.2 % 2.620.4 % 114. 2000 Penetration % Population Growth 2000 -08 World Regions Population ( 2008 Est.0 % 3.800 45.384 7.540 105. Copyright © 2001 .com. (3) Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen Online.4 % 172. (4) For definitions.0 % .489 74.780.800 251. by the International Telecommunications Union.985.296.6 % 196.400 54.   75. All rights reserved worldwide. and navigation help.9 % 274.068.500 5. giving the due credit to www.108 23. disclaimer.9 % 860. (2) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the US Census Bureau .7 % 581. 31.070 NOTES: (1) Internet Usage and World Population Statistics are for March 31. please refer to the Site Surfing Guide.2009.619.3 % 24.249.783.514.140 29.419 60.3 % 360.284.

Internet banking refers to the deployment over the Internet of retail and wholesale banking services . which is done over World Wide Web.  .E-Banking or Online Banking  According to Hertzum et al E-Banking Erefers to the banking operations.

online banking . Telephone banking or mobile banking refer to a number of ways in which customers can access their banks without being physically present at at the bank. Internet banking .Types of E-Banking E The terms PC banking . .

Options included : Checking account balance. savings and credit card accounts. Funds transfer between current. Bill payments . To access an account it is required to dial a particular telephone number and there are several options of services. Stock exchange transaction Loan payment information      .TeleTele-Banking  TeleTele-banking service is provided by phone.

 .PCPC-Banking  The term PC banking is used for banking business transacted from a customer s PC. Using the PC banking customers can reach their accounts for transactions by subscribing to and dialing into the banks Intranet proprietary software system using password.

Internet is now considered to be a strategic weapon for them to satisfy the everever-changing customers demand and innovative business needs.Internet Banking    Internet banking would free both bankers and customers of the need for proprietary software to carry on with their online banking transactions. . Customer behavior is changing rapidly.

Small hand-held. personal digital assistant (PDA). WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). mobile phones. hand- .Mobile Banking      New transmission technologies.

Features & Functions .

 Information Exchange   Transactional  . address and account information collection and display Account viewing as well as financial transactions.Types of Internet Banking Sites  Information only  Online brochure and service descriptions Name.

Nature of A/C Aggregation  Electronic Finder (Automated) --clearinghouse (ACH) --clearinghouse transactions --Instructions --Instructions  --Online Request --Online --Online Change --Online .Technology-based Banking Products & Services        Balance inquiry Transaction information Funds transfer Cash Management Stop & Release Payment for checks Cheque Book Requests Change in Address. Status.

Certification Authority -.Internet Payments -.Through web .Data Storage -.TechnologyTechnology-based Banking Products & Services     Bill payment Loan applications Stored Value Shopping -.

CHALLENGES FOR E-BANKING E       Network Security Network Stability Server Up-Time UpServer s Credibility Server s Security Customer s Confidence Confidence among the bank s Staff .

Why E-Banking in Asia E- .

eInternet banking introduced in 1999-2000. few of banks offer mobile-phone banking.000 commercial-bank commercialbranches are now computerised. mobile-    .E-BANKING IN PAKISTAN :  Pakistan has been among the late entrants into e-banking. 1999Half of the country s 7.

banks and consumer to Wakeup.CONCLUSION :  Although online banking is not yet ubiquitous in Pakistani society but it has a very high potential and scope. It is time for the Government.  .

´ ± Andy Grove. Intel. Chairman. .³You have no choice but to operate in a world shaped by globalization and the information revolution. There are two options: adapt or die.


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