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The first letter defines the measured or initiating variables such as Analysis (A), Flow (F), Temperature (T),

etc. with succeeding letters defining readout, passive, or output functions such as Indicator (I), Record (R), Transmit (T), and so forth.

Example Referring to the Example P&ID diagram, FT 101 represents a field-mounted flow transmitter connected via electrical signals (dotted line) to flow indicating controller FIC 101 located in a shared control/display device. A square root extraction of the input signal is applied as part of FIC 101s functionality. The output of FIC 101 is an electrical signal to TY 101 located in an inaccessible or behind-the-panel-board location. The output signal from TY 101 is a pneumatic signal (line with double forward slash marks) making TY 101 an I/P (current to pneumatic transducer). TT 101 and TIC 101 are similar to FT 101 and FIC 101 but are measuring, indicating, and controlling temperature. TIC 101s output is connected via an internal software or data link (line with bubbles) to the setpoint (SP) of FIC 101 to form a cascade control strategy.

First Letter First letter indicates a measured or initiating variable, or a modifier, such as Current (I), Speed (S) or Flow (F). Measured or Initiating Variable A - Analysis B - Burner, combustion C - User's choice D - User's choice E - Voltage F - Flow rate G- User's choice H - Hand I - Current (electrical) J - Power K - Time, time schedule L - Level M- User's choice N- User's choice O- User's choice P - Pressure, vacuum Q - Quantity R - Radiation S - Speed, frequency T - Temperature U - Multivariable V - Vibration, mechanical analyses W - Weight, force X - Unclassified Y - Event, state or presence Z - Position, dimension Modifier D - Differential F - Ration (fraction) J - Scan K - Time rate of change M - Momentary Q - Integrate, totalizer S - Safety X - X-axis Y - Y-axis Z - Z-axis ZSH 001

Second or Succeeding Letters Second or succeeding letters indicates a readout or passive function, output function or a modifier function. Readout or Passive Function A - Alarm B - User's choice E - Sensor (primary element) G- Glass, viewing device I - Indication L - Light N- User's choice O- Orifice, restriction P - Point (test connection) R - Record U - Multifunction W - Well X - Unclassified Output Function B - User's choice C - Control K - Control Station N- User's choice S - Switch T - Transmit U - Multifunction V - Valve, damper, louver X - Unclassified Y - Relay, compute, convert Z - Driver, actuator Modifier Function B - User's choice H - High L - Low M - Middle, intermediate N- User's choice U - Multifunction X - Unclassified Examples - P&ID codes Flowmeter - Indicating FI 001 Temperature - Transmitter TT 001 Control Valve FV 001 Position Switch - High Level ZSH 001