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Target marketing: Knowing your consumer audience

By: Kristina Tianzon Azaes

Most traditional media will not only present your message to your target, but also to many others for whom the product is probably irrelevant. The solution: careful consideration of who your target should be and which media will best reach that audience.

Target Market/Audience
- a group of people (segment) who are most likely to respond favorably to what the marketer/advertiser has to offer. The basic idea behind customer segmentation is that communications are more effective when highly targeted.
- Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

A consumer is
A person who uses goods and services to satisfy her needs A person who buys products or services

Consumers make many buying decisions each day, based on her needs. The goal of a copywriter is to influence those decisions. Researchers examine buying behavior to learn what consumers buy, where they buy, when they buy, and why they buy.

Stages of consumer decision-making process:

Need Awareness Preference Search Selection Purchase and use Satisfaction

Consumer Influences:
Demographic variables:  Age  Sex  Race  Religion  Income  Occupation  Social class  Education  Geographic location  Lifestage

Consumer Influences:
Psychographic variables:  Attitudes  Motivation  Desired benefits/needs  Values  Personality traits  Decision processes  Buying behavior  Lifestyle (activities, interests, opinions)

Social grading:
Social Grade A B C1 C2 D E Social Status Upper middle class Middle class Lower middle class Skilled working class Working class Lowest level Occupation of head of household Higher managerial, professional Intermediate managerial Clerical Skilled manual worker Unskilled manual worker Casual worker, people dependent on social security

Attitudinal segmentation:
 Coming of age (17 to 23) the age where customers likely fell in love for the first time, became economic beings, developed their own value systems, explored new ideas, and became adults.  The New Achievers experience is more important than possessions (will choose travel over BMW)  The Time Seekers will pay for goods and services that buy them time (cell phones, home shopping, etc.)  Life Simplifiers will listen to movie critics, read consumer reports or buy branded products to avoid confusion over too many choices.  Premium Brand Consumers want prestige, quality and understatement

How to reach minority groups:

         Dont patronize Avoid stereotypes, show diversity Feature minorities in starring roles Seek the opinions of people who hail from the culture you are targeting Be sensitive to nuances in language Learn about preferences in food, clothing, customs, holidays Laugh with them, not at them Make ties to their special causes For older people: at least 12 point type on packages

Consumer Insight
- An understanding of the consumers needs and wants. - It could be a benefit or an emotional need that other brands are not satisfying. - Can be gained by going out and getting to know the consumer.

The changing consumer

 Shift of women out of the home and into the domestic economy.  Family roles are changing (female breadwinners, househusbands).  Job security is breaking down.  Salary increases and bonuses are constrained by economic circumstances.  Continuing threats on personal safety  Things that once belong to the middle classes are now available to all.  Companies are no longer local or even national.  Environmental considerations apply to all aspects of daily life.

Although it is impossible for us to know everything about our audience, the more we do know, the more likely our message will be understood. An ad will be perceived only if it is relevant to the consumer.
- Wells, Burnett, Moriarty

Midterm project:
 Each group will be given a product and target market.  Conduct primary and secondary research about your target.  Describe your target: cite demographics, psychographics and consumer insight.  Create a half-page broadsheet print ad that will appeal to your target.  Presentation: August 12, 2009.  Each member will be rated by her team mates.