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Review your notes and make others while you are teaching. the questions you use to check your students· comprehension. exchanging ideas. You have a week to make your notes and send them to me by email. Are you ready? .TASK 1 Make a list of questions you ask your students right after you have taught them something. You have to consider a week of classes. We are going to go through this together. Yes. Write everything down. Do worry about writing down right or wrong answers.

UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT Everytime we teach someone something we must make sure everything is clear and understood. we use questions like ´OK?µ. students will nod their heads and mumble an ´OKµ with a huge question mark printed all over their faces. not aming at any specific part of what has been taught. But. . Most of the times. do WE think it is ok? Understood? Clear? Do we know the concept of what we are teaching? These are very broad type of questions. And 100% of the time. ´Do you understand?µ or even ´Is it clear?µ.

TASK 2 .

Grammar concept questions focus on key ideas of grammatical meaning. Some grammar forms have different uses and when checking grammatical meaning we should check only one use at a time.CONCEPT CHECKING Now that you got the idea it·s time to go deeper into the subject. Normally this will be related to the context you have used to teach the grammar. .

WHY USE CCQS FOR CHECKING UNDERSTANDING? Asking ´Do you understand?µ is one of the least useful questions you can ask your students. all the variations are useless too. . Bare in mind they will say ´YES!µ to make you happy and not lose face. And to spare them from being ´the one who doesn·t understand what the teacher saysµ. And yes.

you can. .IT·S IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE SURE THEY GOT THE IDEA. CCQs are designed to demonstrate evidence or lack of understanding and they are simple and carefully staged. ´OK?µ is a no-no. You just need to ask the right questions. IS IT REALLY? Yes. They are used not only to check understanding but also to clarify points of confusion. No.

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