In the making of forcemeats it is very important that only the best of fish or meat and other materials are used. galantines and other charcuterie items. terrines. as well as from poultry. .  Forcemeat is used as the main ingredient in making sausages. fish and certain vegetables and bread. pâtés. All forcemeats should have a good binding but at the same time should be light and not too dry.FORCEMEATS Forcemeat is a combination of meat. like veal and pork. They are usually made from fish and shellfish. fat. game. Those made of vegetables and bread are usually called stuffing. the white meats. seasonings and other ingredients that are blended together through grinding or puréeing to form an emulsion. .

 .TYPES OF FORCEMEATS Various Types of Forcemeats are:Straight Forcemeat.  Country-style Forcemeat.  Mousseline Forcemeat.  Gratin Forcemeat.

cured. rested. veal. ground and finally placed into the desired vessel. seasoned. The proteins are cubed and then seasoned. dominant meat. along with a primary meat such as fish.  Straight Forcemeats are produced by Progressively grinding equal parts pork and pork fat with a third.1.   Meat is cubed. cured. which can be pork or another meat. and prepared the same way as sausage making. Straight Forcemeat:Traditional or straight forcemeat is made with pork meat and pork fat. . poultry or game. semifrozen. seafood.

such as cubes of bread soaked in egg and milk. stock. called a panada. Country Style Forcemeat:Country-style forcemeat has a more coarse texture and traditionally includes pork liver along with some garnish of nuts or vegetables. or thickening sauces. Countrystyle forcemeat usually uses some sort of binder. toast.2. or water and used for making soups. binding forcemeats. € A Panada is a Paste or gruel of bread crumbs. € . or flour combined with milk.

before cooling and grinding it as in a straight forcemeat. € . developing flavor and color. the French term gratin translates to "browned´.3. Gratin forcemeat is made by briefly searing the primary meat. Gratin Forcemeat:€ Forcemeats have a portion of the main protein browned.

 Ground. piped into natural casings. seasoned. and placed in a terrine.  Terrine poached or baked in a water bath. or fish. Mousseline Forcemeat: A light fine-textured forcemeat . chicken. and emulsified in a food processor with cream and eggs.  Then molded into quenelles (dumplings). .4.  Made from turkey. veal. game.

PREPARATION OF FORCEMEATS  Forcemeats. fish. or mollusks (e.. or shellfish are used ‡ Heavy cream is substituted for animal fat  All ingredients and equipment must be kept at approximately 36°F to 40°F . mostly pork ‡ Also made from beef.g. also called brat or farces: ‡ Base of sausages ‡ Made from raw meats. poultry. fish. shrimp or lobster)  For mousseline forcemeats: ‡ White meats.

Colorful garnishes add eye appeal and develop additional textures and flavor. Should complement the main flavor of the meat used and not be overpowering. brandy. . Wine. or grain-based spirits can be used to enhance flavor and aroma.€ Seasonings: y Salt draws out moisture and proteins from meat and y y y y ensures a good ³bind´ . Using carefully measured herbs and ground spices creates flavor.

USES OF FORCEMEATS Used in Making :Pate¶s  Terrines  Mousellines  Sausages  .


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