Sweeney Todd analysis of Opening Sequence

Sweeney Todd

By Hannah Burgess, Katie Charman and Lauren Hill.

How is the genre of horror created?
‡ The dark lighting and running blood are icons of horror. ‡ The running paint of the profile shots shows how the room is neglected and this creates an eerie sense adding to the feel of horror. ‡ The use of jump cuts and sudden movement of closing doors shocks the viewer and adds to the horror genre of being scared and on edge whilst watching.

Visually, what do the opening title sequences show? How is narrative enigma shown?

‡ The opening sequence follows a trail of blood travelling through clogs and machines. It then cuts to the title and then shows meat being processed and pies being baked. It then cuts back to blood flowing into a drain and out through the gutters. ‡ This allows narrative enigma because the audience is unaware of the significance of the pies and how this would usually contribute to a horror and therefore makes the whole film that bit more chilling.

What is the effect of the ‡ music? The music starts off quiet and fast paced
and as the camera pans across to the barbers, more instruments are added which shows that the audience are coming closer to a place of interest. ‡ A high pitched sound is added to the soundtrack as blood comes into the frame. ‡ When the meat is being turned into pies the music becomes much faster pace and this reflects how something bad has happened. ‡ The music increases the tension and suspense as it is reflective of what is happening in the opening title sequence.

How has typography been used?
‡ The red writing for the words e Sweeney Toddf reflect how he is the guilty character. ‡ The use of the red writing signify blood and therefore add to the horror genre of murder and gore. ‡ The white writing is all in capitals and this makes it clear to see and could perhaps signify ghosts or loss of life.

What information is provided in the opening sequence?
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The main actors/actressd , Producers, Editors, Directors, Title, Catch Phrase, Costume Designer, Director of Photography, Music & Lyrics.

How has the opening sequence been edited?
‡ The continuity of the blood flow shows how continuity editing has been used. ‡ The clip ends with a fade to black. ‡ Special effects have been used, especially on the blood moving through the pipes as this would be unable to create naturally. ‡ As the music pace gets quicker, so does whatd s happening on screen, there are more jump cuts, such as the door suddenly shutting and making a bang.

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