Routes with Rocket Motion

Attacking the Defense with Bunch Formations

Dewayne Alexander
Phone: 615.547.1330

‡ Lineman slide protect away from the direction that the QB is sprinting. Keep shoulders SQUARE!!! ‡ Fullback blocks the 1st defender outside the offensive Tackle while attacking the LOS like a belly ‡ QB reverses out like belly and get his eyes on the flat defender. He should be prepared to throw the ball on his third step ‡ Playside wingback runs a 22 yd. fade route. Ball will be caught over outside shoulder ‡ TE runs the seam. (AS rules apply) ‡ Wingback in motion needs to have his eyes on the QB and get width ‡ Snap point is behind playside OG ‡ SE runs the ³HEELS´ route on the backside If play is not to the SE he runs a deep corner route if aligned tight and runs a fly route if he aligns wide

‡ Can be run with ³zoom´ motion or no motion ‡ ³Wildcat´ route ‡ 48 /49 kp. Smash / seam

1-80 / 2-80
‡ QB Opens and Sprints out ‡ Playside wingback pins DE ‡ FB blocks scrape defender outside wingbacks block