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Personal grooming

The personal grooming treatments are of three types

 1.Techniques to improve and maintain

condition of skin:-
Four basic steps to maintain condition of skin:-
->1.cleansing:- take a cleanser milk lotion in hand apply it on the
face then leave it for thirty seconds after that take it out from your
face with the help of a cotton and wash the face with clean cold water
due to this skin becomes clean and dirt free due to this the acne
problem will decrease and skin will be in good condition

->2.spritzing:-wash your face with the help of a spritzer due to this

the pores of the skin will open and dirt will come out and the skin will
be soft and supple due to this skin will glow

->3.Tonning:-take little amount of toner in your hand and tabe it on

the whole face not including eye area toner is very cool liquid which
helps the skin to look fresh and if the skin is looking fresh then the
glow comes automatically

->4.Moisturizing:-take little amount of moisturizer in hand apply it

on the face and rub it on the whole face the moisturizer helps the dry
skin or heard skin to become soft and gives nourishment to the skin
due to this the skin stays in good condition and the condition of the
skin can be maintained
Personal grooming
 Techniques to improve and maintain condition
of hair
Three basic steps to improve and maintain condition of hair
 Washing:- wash your hair with shampoo every day it will help
hair to grow and it will also remove all the dirt particles from hair
and gives a good fragrant smell

 conditioner:- Apply conditioner to hair and keep it for 5-10

minutes and then wash hair with clean water it will give
nourishment to hair and shining to hair. Hair will become soft and

 oiling:- Apply some oil to hair every alternate day and keep it for
atleast 30 minutes and wash hair with shampoo it will give
nourishment to hair and it decreases the dandruff count of hair to
zero it is also good for the scalp and it also helps in hair growth

Personal grooming
 suitable diet chart with
justification with a
weekly menu
 The healthy weight chart is as

Height Healthy Weight Range 
5'2" 131-141
5'3" 133-143
5'4" 135-145
5'5" 137-148
5'6" 139-151
5'7" 142-154
5'8" 145-157
5'9" 148-160
5'10" 151-163 68-73
5'11" 154-166 69-75 3
Personal grooming
Suitable diet:- the brake fast should be heavy including almost 5-7
chapattis and vegetable with 1 full egg and some milk

The lunch should be lighter then break fast it should

include 1-2 chapattis with vegetable and 1 small bowl of brown
rice. The rice are high in calories that’s the reason the rice
should be avoided

The dinner should be lightest including vegetable

soups (without creams) and some vegetable salads

Avoid tea for healthy life style and instead of normal

tea use green tea it will help in maintaining body

Fruits and sweets should be taken before food or with

the food because they are high in sugar if fruits or sweets are 4
body maintaining
According to my height (5.11) and my weight (65 kg) I am under weight
I use to combine some exercises in my specific condition to gain weight like:-
->power yoga with proper breathing there are four types of yoga which helps to maintain
the body

1. Bhastrika Pranayama
 Take deep breaths in and then completely breathe out.Do it for atleast 2 minutes and
maximum of 5
Benefits : lungs, heart,depression, brain, migraine, paralysis, neural system will be
benefitted. And
helps in maintaining body

2. Kapal Bhati Pranayama

exert air forcefully out. Stomach will go in automatically.Initially Starts with 30 times or
for 1 minute and increase it upto 5 mins mininimum, maximum upto 10 minutes.
Benefits: This pranayama benefits on obesity, constipation, gastric,
Croesus(liver),acidity, hepatitis
B, uterus, diabetes, stomach problems, allergic problems, cholesterol, asthma, snoring,
concentration, and even cancer and AIDS.and helps maintaining body weight

Presentation 2
body maintaining
I am also doing work out at gym regularly to give a good shape to my body because I
have to make my collar strong. And I want proper muscles and flat stomach

For that I m doing arms exercise and I want to increase my stamina that’s why I use to
do destination walking because it keeps me fit

According to my diet chart I use to take heavy brake fast with 7 chapattis and 1 egg

I take 2 chapattis in my lunch and 1 bowl of brown rice

I use to take vegetable salads as my dinner

And before going to sleep I eat three boiled potatoes to increase my body weight

I eat some dry fruits to be fit like:-5 almonds sauced overnight,5 pee nuts sauced
anjeer,5 black grapes,5-volnut,5-khajur,5-pista