Business Analyst Placement Process Review &Strategy
By Shivgan Joshi

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Selection Process Personals involved Criteria of Selection Colleges Involved CAT/MAT exams vs. Selection Process Proposed Solution List of Institutes Our Strength

‡ I have taken data from internet which might not be accurate ‡ I have not rechecked these slides so things might be blunt/wrong at places ‡ Made in a positive and constructive way ‡ Suggestion does not mean that things are not done or something is missing, it might means I failed to observe or are less important

Selection Process
‡ Written (200 40) ‡ GD(40 20) ‡ PI (puzzles, fluency, ethics, analytics, etc) (20 8 4) ‡ Final call letter being given at their office

Personals Involved
‡ Mr. Supportive (quite helpful person, Age 45+) ‡ One Villain (like Roadies Anchor, and talked rough, asked ethical question) ‡ One humble Lady

Written Exam Details
‡ All questions are online, same questions asked from all ‡ 30 questions in 30 minutes 1. Data interpretation and Data Logical Reasoning: 8 +4 questions 2. Verbal: Assumption, sequence, Vocabulary, Match the columns : 6 questions 3. Maths: Geometry, profit loss, series: 12 hours

Group Discussion
Be good in pronunciation Patience and posture Do not be over aggressive And other common things like be point-to-point, say answers in point, be technical things, right balance in qualitative and quantitative ‡ My GD topic: KPOs in India ‡ Other topics: Marriage, boss, etc ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Number of trains Length of roads Water in 3L and 5L bottle and to measure 4L etc

Criteria for this Company (estimated)
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Oral Communication 70% Analytical Just like CAT & puzzles 25% Ethics/Body language 4% Finance 1%

‡ Bit tilted towards engineering students, 25% questions in Electrical Engineering to see my communication & explanation skills

Requirements (Implied and not stated)
‡ Breadth of knowledge (English and Puzzles) ‡ Market Analysis basic techniques ‡ Predicting markets and movement of business in new regions ‡ Patent-IP, market survey, technology, data analysis ‡ Company needs CFA/FRM/SAS certified people ‡ Need poor but serious students ‡ Bond makes it clear that they have high attrition rate

CAT vs. Placement
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Very same Written as described Same GD Same Interview like MBA with various rounds Same puzzles in interview Puzzles can be found in books of interview prep

Aptitude Test Strategy
‡ Maths questions are distributed from all areas ‡ Quantum CAT by Arrihant Publications is a good book to do ‡ Target of 50 questions per week or a 2 hr test of math and analysis

Some Solutions 1
‡ Collaborations in areas like SAS ‡ In house training for all soft skills ‡ Introducing Optional training on analytics in greater details (advanced excel, Macros & VB) ‡ Weekly test on Aptitude (taken by Ms Shimayla) and mock interview at real companies ‡ Weekly GD on some topic (moderated by Mr Gaurav or others) ‡ More tests in general every 2nd week on Finance

Some Solutions 2
‡ Group presentations on Sector analysis / Company Analysis: of ANY BIG ONE ‡ This profile is for analyst kind of job hence is technical things but it might not be relevant in other areas like Analec / Equity

Recruiter s support Cell
‡ In house training for better placement where institute helps to train students for companies specific needs (which cuts their cost) ‡ Teacher and industry people can train and use institute s infrastructure for placed students

Targeting Small Financial Research
‡ Collaboration with new entrepreneurship ventures Startups for exchange and placement ‡ Financial Jobs at Mumbai

SAS institutes
‡ SAS is a tool for statistical data management and analysis ( ‡ Training Institutes ‡ ATI (Has labs and life time validity to attend same course) ‡ IISASTS(one man takes care of it all):

‡ SAS training: 8-12 thousand INR for 60-100 hrs, duration: 1 month ‡ SAS base is programming based Statistical exam and costs 180 USD ‡ English course: 3-5 thousand/month, 2 hrs/daily (60-100 hrs) ‡ 5-8 SAS training centers exists in NCR ‡ 8-15 English institutes

Build your own Strength
‡ Study CFA L1+L2 which no other institutes does vs. other MBA is university syllabus based ‡ CFA L2 treated as equal to MBA and will be especially by KPOs whose client are US based ‡ Incorporate SAS/Advanced Excel/FRM Charter prep which companies need ‡ Do interview prep, soft skills training to become better than most of MBAs

‡ Interview Exp at ‡ Salary are taken from Pagalguy so can be old ‡ IIMjobs website,

Find Number of metro trains in Delhi

Length of Roads in Delhi

Measure water with two beakers of 5L and 3 L

sqrt of .9

‡ two ropes of uneven thickness that burns completely in 1 hr. how to calculate 45 mins. ans. burn both ends of 1st rope and one end of second rope. in 30 mins 1 rope will get burnt completely, and the 2nd rope will get burnt half. at tht instant burn the next half of the 2nd rope.

‡ Greece situation to qs like 'How would calculate the number of ties being worn in India at present.' and ' Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins'

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