Ethics for the Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) & Government





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Subscrib 3630686 5442883 3549381 3236381 1670086 1500652 1063801 8349282 ers 5 8 11 6 

Total investment by eight companies is about 35000 ± 40000 crore. 

Two third of the share is acquired by UNINOR and MTS-SISTEMA. 

Total loss in 2G Spectrum is about to 1.76 lakh crore. 

³we have been asked to lose all just because India in hindsight has changed its mind. Is that fair?´

Sigve Brekke Head, Telenor¶s Asia Operations

³we will inform the Indian authorities of the Norwegian Government¶s point of view´

Rigmor Aasrud Information Technology minister, Norway

Ethics in Government 
Set an example by the transparently blameless conduct of its own affairs.  Legislate for regulate, and police the conduct of organizations.  Encourage organizations to adopt effective voluntary codes of conduct without heavy hands of legislation.  Stimulate national debate on morale aspects of government and life of society. 

The Public Sector

Ethical Codes 
Ethical codes within business organization are not an innovation of the 1980 & 1990. 

General Robert wood Johnson of Johnson & Johnson developed the company credo back in 1943. 

In the USA, the development has been accelerated by introduction of the federal sentencing guidelines.

Conflict of interest and peer pressure 
Every officer of the PSE will uphold the rule of law for human rights solely in the public. 

The officer should have the right to bring the fact before the MD/Chairman, if he is forced to do any wrong work by his superior. 

The officer of the PSE should conduct themselves in such a manner that the people think that the decision taken by them are objective and transparent.

Accountability and responsiveness to the Public 

The officers should refrain from the decision which is for their benefit at the expense of the public. 

Officer should maintain their independence, Dignity and impartiality. 

Officer should be alert to any actual or potential conflict of interest and should disclose to the superior.

Non-abuse of official position 
Officers should be consistent, equitable and honest in their treatment of the members of the public. 

Officers should accept the obligation to recognize and enforce customer right for speedy redress of grievance. 

Officer should respect the right of public to information on all the activities and transaction of the organization.


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