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 We would learn a little bit about what the number pi is in math class  Students would memorize digits of the

number Pi (3.1415926), then we would have a competition to see who in each grade level could recite the most digits.  Winning students would get a real pie.  Sometimes we threw in stuff like write pi day poems, or we would have a pie bake sale.

 Weve done Pi day for many years now, and to be frank, I think our school is numberist
 Weve been discriminating against all the other cool numbers that are out there.  THE OPRESSION HAS TO END HERE! Minority numbers will be represented.  The days of Pi tyranny are OVER.

 In all honesty, I still love pi and we will still celebrate it, but were also going to celebrate a new number: Phi.



Phi is a number that the Goldenthe perfect also known as represents Ratio spiral that is that represents the ratio of Phi is found in most plants and some The symbol animals (Snail shells for example) also a Greek letter and it looks like this: It also represents most of the proportions in nature that we find beautiful (people who are beautiful usually have the ratio phi in their features.) It is calculated using the Fibonacci Sequence The actual value of phi is an irrational number which is: with the digits: 1.6180339887 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 Whats the pattern in the sequence above?

 The 4th -7th graders (any one not in DeLacysenseis math classes) will have a Pi-day competition on Friday March 16th  The 7th =12th graders (or anyone who is in DeLacy-senseis math classes) will have a Phiday competition on Friday March 16th .
 But, rather than reciting the digits of Phi, the 7th -12th graders will memorize and recite the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (because theyre more useful and more awesome.)

 We will still have pie in honor of pi day, but we will also have cinnamon rolls in honor of phi.

 I have a whole week of pi/phi day activities lined up for you.  Each day will be a different challenge. Successful completion of this challenge will earn you a Cinnamon Roll from DeLacy-sensei.  You may start working on the challenges now so that you are ready to claim your cinnamon rolls.  You may earn up to 3 cinnamon rolls in the week leading up to competition day.  ALSO- If you bring in a pie and donate it to the school, you can claim a cinnamon roll.

 4th -7th graders (those not in DeLacy-senseis math classes) can complete the Pi Day Scavenger Hunt Questions and show their answers to DeLacy-sensei. If they answered everything correctly, they earn a cinnamon roll.  7th -12th graders (those in DeLacy-senseis math classes) can complete the Phi Day Scavenger Hunt Questions and show their answers to DeLacy-sensei. If they answered everything correctly, they earn a cinnamon roll.

 Design a mathscot (mascot) creature that will represent mathematics at SJS. Draw this creature neatly on a large piece of paper or a poster, color it beautifully, and label it clearly. If you create a nice mathscot for me, I will give you a cinnamon roll and hang your mathscot up on my wall.  People can vote for their favorite Mathscot throughout the rest of the week and the winner will get a pie on Friday.

 4th -7th grade: Make an illustration of the following poem by Nobel prize winning poet Wis awa Szymborska: The caravan of digits that is pi does not stop at the edge of the page, but runs off the table and into the air, over the wall, a leaf, a bird's nest, the clouds, straight into the sky, through all the bloatedness and bottomlessness. Oh how short, all but mouse-like is the comet's tail!  OR you may write your own Pi day poem.

 I have three options for earning a cinnamon role on these two days:
 Complete one of the two math/drawing challenges DeLacy-Sensei will give you in class on Thursday  OR you may write a creative and interesting poem about Phi and the golden ratio.  You may also create a beautiful drawing or piece of art work using the golden ratio or the golden spiral that can be created using the Fibonacci sequence.

 You may only do one of these three options.

 We will have our pi/phi day competition right after lunch.  4th -7th grade: Be working on memorizing digits of pi  7th -10th grade: Be working on memorizing the Fibonacci Sequence  Winners of the recitation contest AND the winner of the mathscot contest will get a pie.  I may also award pies to especially awesome poems or pieces of artwork.