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Media Planning


The primary objective of the media plan is to develop a framework that will deliver the message to the target audience in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible²that will communicate what the product, brand, and/or service can do.

Media Planning It is the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional messages to the prospective purchasers and/or users of the product or brand. It guides for the media selection It requires to develop specific media objectives and specific media strategies design to attain these objectives. .

Frequency : refers to the number of times the receiver is exposed to the media vehicle in a speci¿ed period . direct mail. print media. outdoor advertising other support media. Coverage : Refers to the potential audience that might receive the message through a vehicle.Basic Concepts Medium : It is general category of available delivery systems which includes broadcast media. Media vehicle : It is the specific carrier within the medium category. Reach : It is a measure of the number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle in a given period of time.

Developing a Media Plan. .

Secondary Data Who is the Target Market ? 3) What are the Internal factors may involve ‡ The size of the media budget ‡Managerial and administrative capabilities of the organization of the agency. 4) What are the External factors may include ‡ The economy (the rising costs of media) ‡ Changes in technology (the availability of new media) ‡ Competitive factors .Market Analysis and Target Market Identification 1) 2) To whom shall we advertise.

OBJECTIVE : To Create an awareness in the target audience through the following (a)Use broadcast media to provide coverage of 80% of target market over a six month period. Media objectives are the goals for the media program and should be implemented to those that can be accomplished through media strategies. (b) Reach 60% of target market at least 3 times over six month period. .Establishing Media Objectives. with lighter emphasis in summer and fall.g. (c) Concentrate heaviest in winter and Spring. e.

Media Development and Implementation .

Media Options Available .

Types of Advertising y y y y y y y y Print Advertising Outdoor Advertising Broadcast Advertising Specialty or Merchanding advertising Covert Advertising Surrogate Advertising Public Service Advertising Celebrity Advertising .

Print Advertising y y y y y y y Newspapers Magazines Brochures Catalogs Samples Handouts Newsletter .

Outdoor Advertising y y y y Billboards Kiosks Trade-shows Events .

Broadcast Advertising Television y Radio y Internet y .

Specialty or Merchanding advertising y y y y y Matchbook Pencils Calendars Telephone pads Shopping bags .

. television shows or even sports. For Example: The use of Cadillac cars in the movie Matrix Reloaded.Covert Advertising Covert advertising is a unique kind of advertising in which a product or a particular brand is incorporated in some entertainment and media channels like movies.

which are often seen to promote their brand with the help of surrogate advertising. . For Example: Fosters and Kingfisher beer brands.Surrogate Advertising Surrogate advertising is prominently seen in cases where advertising a particular product is banned by law.

deforestation. illiteracy.Public Service Advertising Public service advertising is a technique that makes use of advertising as an effective communication medium to convey socially relevant messages about important matters and social causes like AIDS. energy conservation. political integrity. . poverty.

Celebrity Advertising Using celebrities for advertising involves signing up celebrities for advertising campaigns. television ads or even print advertisements. which consist of all sorts of advertising including. .


people can create real-time visual and acoustic environments that span physically separate areas. . even when they are not present in the same place and time.´ What is media space? --Media spaces are "electronic settings in which groups of people can work together. In a media space.Media Space ³I know half the money I spend On advertising is wasted. but I Can never find out which half.

Problems in Media Space Insufficient information y Inconsistent terminologies y Time pressures y Difficulty measuring effectiveness y .

& Contract for Media Space. Explains Why a Single Medium or Set of Media is Appropriate. Background and Situation Analysis Media Objectives & Aperture Opportunities Strategy: Selection of Media Flow Chart Scheduling & Budgeting Discusses Media Options.Creating a media space A Media space is a stage that Summarizes the Recommended Objectives. Media Buyers Convert Objectives and Select. Goal or Task that Media Can Accomplish Based on Aperture Opportunities. Strategies. 22 . Opportunities and Target Audience. Negotiate. and Tactics Pertinent to the Placement of a Company¶s Advertising Messages.

Division of Media Space Authoritative 3% 11% 20% y Influential 2% 3% 9% 5% 57% 81% 9% Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Don¶t know .

Media Buying Buying is a complicated process ‡ The American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) lists no fewer than 21 elements in the authorization for a media buy ‡ Providing inside info ‡ Media buyers are important information sources for media planners ‡ Close enough to day-today changes in media popularity and pricing to be a constant source of inside information 11 24 .

Media Buying Selecting Media Vehicles ‡ Choose the best vehicles that fit the target audience¶s aperture ‡ The media planner lays out the direction. the buyer is responsible for choosing specific vehicles Negotiation ‡ Media buyers pursue special advantages for clients ‡ Locate the desired vehicles and negotiate and maintain satisfactory schedule and rates 11 25 .

Media Buying Preferred Positions y Locations in print media that offer readership advantages y Preferred positions often carry a premium surcharge Extra Support Offers y Value-added media services Contests Special events Merchandising space at stores Displays Trade-directed newsletters 11 26 .

as well as afterward ‡ Poorly performing vehicles must be replaced or costs must be modified 11 27 .Media Buying illing and Payment ‡ It is the responsibility of the advertiser to make payments to various media ‡ The agency is contractually obligated to pay the invoice on behalf of the client Monitoring the Buy ‡ The media buyer tracks the performance of the media plan as it is implemented.

the planner compares the plan¶s expectations and forecasts with what actually happened y Provides guidance for future media plans 11 28 .Media Buying Make-Goods y A policy of compensating for missed positions or errors in handling the message presentation y Ensure that the advertiser is compensated appropriately when they occur Post-campaign Eval y Once a campaign is completed.