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It is the Innocence that we know we have remembered them well«..

Perla Adis

Myrna Cabili

Juliet Ello

Myrna Bandivas

Luz Garces Gilda Pacana

Divina Villegas

Evangeline Gomez

Apolonia Minoza

Now and Then« .

Our many thanks to everybody for their valuable time and effort and most importantly to their generous and inspiring smiles enabling us to complete this works against all odds. Belinda Aballe Sauro Rose Abundo Otero Eva Achas Resnik .

Of course there is no better feeling than having succeeded in getting friends happily working and piecing together this program to contribute to a grander reunion Fe Aquinalde Calipayan Evelyn Almario-Buot Romeo Alvarico .

Marilou Araneta Dantoin Ellen Arche Guinita Estrella Arcillas Leviste Jessica Atilles Lao .

Ester Asilom Eva Arroyo Hechanova Helen Aznar Letty Bagundol Delgado .

Helen Bajuyo Abuzo Teresita Bucoy Yraola Editha Bodoc Tomandao Narcie Bermudes Rosales .

Irma Caballes Solis Letecia Cabaraban Sarvida Mina Cabatay Nenita Cabatingan .

Elsa Cale .Flor Cajuelan Leah Caduhada As we campaigned and earnestly looked for our friends. we are going to meet again January 21. 2012. it¶s a comfort to know .

SWU Nursing Class of 75 «..we are the Best of the Best CHEERS!!!!!! Evangeline Cayunda Sitchon Nemesia Carbon Gumana Nonia Causing .

Peter Cimacio Deborah Deiparine Gibela Josephine Elarmo Leonora Cornito .

we came together everyday. and slept in the same quarters TOGETHER and had a lot of fun. studied. . We ate . early morning to early evening.Nelia Elbit Cortez Erlinda Faustino Osio Did we not know that for all those years .

Susan Fazon Dorado Marilou Fuentes Mercado Erlinda Gabuya Ariel Gabales .

now approaching 36. Let us come Again.Theresa Gallarita Heeb Fe Gamolo Solde After those years. TOGETHER and Reminisce«« . its time we look back at what we missed.

Corazon Gaspar Paz Hinog Besana Awesome Job!!!!!! SWU Nursing Class of 75 Jocelyn Gomosio Olaquir .

Milagros Juntilla Frederick Victoria Lomocso Meier Aida Lacorda Bauzon .

Dolores Macas Demavivas Erlinda Madredijo Dionson Nieves Maghanoy Abuton Emma Malazarte Laurente .

Ellen Malon Callitas Corazon Maningo Empleo Nerissa Manzano Jimenez .

Nilda Maquiling Ruth Megraso Burden Josette Mercado Bancoro .

talking. Flordelina Minoza Cogtas Germa Mondilla Baylon . endlessly meeting and wizened up classmates not to mention the peculiar. cynical and forgetful ones.Josephine Miranda Adolfo The hardest comes from the in between on trying to accomplish the nitty±gritty of reaching out .

Eden Monroyo Robles Elsa Necesia Nida Obsines Hebia Luz Renacia Noel .

. We are here to rekindle our forgotten camaraderie and friendship for seeing good friend is like coming home. So let us enjoy the moment and create memories that will last a lifetime«.Hilda Obsequio Atillo Judith Ocao Orden For so many years in our lives we shared so many things.

Here¶s a WISH A TOAST A PRAYER And a thousand soulful songs and merry tune of glee For a very Happy and Successful Grand Reunion 2012 Yolyca Padillo Nelma Parpan Quiban Virginia Pardillo Salo .

Feliciana Paye Donggay Judy Pepa Sew Salvacion Perbillo aka Sharifa Khattak .Recollecting . reconnecting and sharing whatever decades have made us into what we are today.

Estrella Potot Pascual Nenita Ramos Mercedes Quimpan Mosot Emma Regencia Diamante .It is surely a meaningful and joyful occasion to be with people that matters to us for years of school life.

This is what reunions are all about.Being there makes a difference. Evangeline Sabuero Lumapas Lilia Rojas Jocelyn Sadicon Rojas .

Lydia Serohijos Carina Salma Thessa Sevilla Imelda Sitoy .

May the spirit of giving be with us ALWAYS God Bless and Cheers!!! Happy Reunion Celebration!!!! Ruth Tamon Arquillano Gloria Villaruel Thelma Supremo Regner Marilu Villaruel .

REMEMBER these guys in many little insignificant ways as we have crossed or passed each other during our Nursing days. We. who worked and pieced together this souvenir program. Let¶s Enjoy & Have Fun!!!!!!! . We felt the bond and kinship as we assembled this program.Ofelia Yuson Rodil Zenaida Waga Decalsota The Souvenir Program Committee would like to apologize for its inability to locate few of our classmates.