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The main aim of this project is to control the scene modes of the potable imaging devices such as camcorder and digital cameras by using the voice of the scene related word. The current project makes of low power cosumptive and advanced micro controller such as LPC 2148 which will follow the structure of ARM 7 family.This micro controller works for a voltage level in between 3.0v-3.6v and at an operating frequency 0f 60 MHz.

SYNOPIS ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ As the technology is growing rapidly day by day. . new technologies are adding to the mobile and handheld devices to make them user-friendly. which is a current dominant microcontroller in mobile based products and software development tool as Keil. This project will also interfaced with the color RGB Graphical LCD display to view the images and Memory card will be used to store the images. flash magic for loading hex file in to the microcontroller. Among them one of the technologies is A Voice-Driven Scene-Mode Recommendation Service for Portable Digital Imaging Devices . Opening of the files will be done by the touch screen based input device. This will help the users to move the images of the handheld devices based on the voice recognition. In this project we are going to use LPC2148 (ARM7) based microcontroller.

CD player of your living room. Washing Machine or Microwave Oven in your kitchen. sometimes with real-time computing constraints. such as Embedded C. Television. Radio. either fixed in capability or programmable. Palm devices of your work space enable you to do many of your tasks very effectively. ‡Certain operating systems or language platforms are tailored for the embedded market.‡SOFTWARE: Embedded C language. ‡ An embedded system is some combination of computer hardware and software. Card readers. You are surrounded with many embedded products and your daily life largely depends on the proper functioning of these gadgets. Embedded C is a set of language extensions for the C Programming language by the C Standards committee to address commonality issues that exist between C extensions for different embedded systems ‡ An embedded system is a special-purpose computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions. Embedded Java and Windows XP Embedded . Access Controllers. ‡We are living in the Embedded World. that is specifically designed for a particular kind of application device. .

‡ Keil Software provides the software development tools for the ARM microcontrollers. And the compiler used for cross development is called cross compiler. ARM project development cycle: These are the steps to develop ARM project using keil Create source files in C or assembly . . ‡Keil is a cross complier.TOOLS: Keil. assembler. compiler and linker. A cross compiler is similar to the compilers but we write a program for the target processor (like 8051 and its derivatives) on the host processors (like computer of x86). ‡The keil ARM tool kit includes three main tools. It means being in one environment we are writing a code for another environment is called cross development. Cross compiler is a compiler that runs on one computer but produces object code for a different type of computer. Flash magic ‡Keil is a German based Software development company. An assembler is used to assemble the ARM assembly program A compiler is used to compile the C source code into an object file A linker is used to create an absolute object module suitable for the incircuit emulator.

‡Link object files from compiler and assembler. ‡Correct errors in source files.‡ ARM project development cycle: - These are the steps to develop ARM project using keil:‡Create source files in C or assembly ‡Compile or assemble source files. ‡Test linked application. .

. with conversion times as low as 2.0 V to 3.3 V ± 10 %) with 5 V tolerant I/O pads. ‡Two 32-bit timers/external event counters (with four capture and four compare channels each). ‡Low power Real-Time Clock (RTC) with independent power and 32 kHz clock input ‡On-chip integrated oscillator operates with an external crystal from 1 MHz to 25 MHz ‡Power saving modes include Idle and Power-down ‡CPU operating voltage range of 3. ‡ 128-bit wide interface/accelerator enables high-speed 60 MHz operation. LPC2144/46/48) 10-bit ADCs provide a total of 6/14 analog inputs.6 V (3. PWM unit (six outputs) and watchdog. ‡8 kB to 40 kB of on-chip static RAM and 32 kB to 512 kB of on-chip flash memory.44 ms per channel Single 10-bit DAC provides variable analog output (LPC2142/44/46/48 only). ‡ One or two (LPC2141/42 vs.TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148 microcontroller Key features: ‡16-bit/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a tiny LQFP64 package.


The red coloured LED which is present on the kit will indicate that the circuit is waiting for a command.Graphical LCD BLOCK 1:-In the proposed system we are making use of speech recogntion kit such as HM 2007 which will work for +5v dc.The response time of HM 2007 is less than 300 ms.When the circuit is turned on digital display will show 00 on the two seven segment displays. The keypad consists of 12 push buttoned type switches .The different blocks that are present in the proposed system is as follows.In order to give the power supply for this we are making use of 230V AC to +12V DC coverting adopter. .Speech recognition kit 2.LPC 2148 based embedded board 3. The HM 2007 can recognize maximum upto 40 words and length of each word is 1. They are 1. Using HM 2007:HM 2007 kit provides a keypad and a digital display to interact with HM 2007 chip which present on the HM 2007 kit. This speech recogntion kit itself contains regulated power supply by using which +12 V DC will be coverted into +5V DC.92 sec.

How many target words required according to that we can train that many words by giving our voice input. .Training HM 2007:To train HM 2007 press the button 1 the digital display will show 01 and the red coloured LED will turn off. Error Codes:The chip will provide the following error codes. Testing HM 2007:Give the voice input for testing near to the microphone if the given input voice related word matches with any of the word that was already stored into the data memory of the HM 2007 then the word number related to that word will appear on the digital display. then press TRAIN button on the keypad then again red coloured LED will turn on then give the voice input of the target word near to the microphone clearly. The acceptance of the target word can be recognized by blinking the LED off then on. 55= word to long 66= word too short 77= no match Clearing Memory:To clear the all words that are present in the memory of the HM 2007 we can give command µ99¶ by pressing the button µ9¶ and then press the button CLR.IF the LED did not flash then repeat the voice input near to the the number of the accepted word becomes 01 .

.BLOCK 2:‡The embedded board which consists of a micro controller called as LPC 2148 and the power supply for this board will be given by using USB cable which will provide an output voltage of +5v DC which will be covereted into +3.3 v DC by using variable voltage regulator like LM 317. ‡The scenes for which we want to change the mode by voice tirggering has been done by using the program which is stored into the micro controller s flash memory. ‡The data that coming from the output pins of the HM 2007 are interfaced to the GPIO pins of the micro controller. ‡ The graphical lcd is interfaced to the LPC 2148 micro controller itself. ‡ When we will give input for the HM 2007 module if the given voice input word matches with the word that was already stored into the the memory of the HM 2007 module then the output from the HM 2007 module gives an input to the corresponding GPIO pin of the LPC 2148 micro controller.

‡ Then the output from the some other data pins of the LPC 2148 will be given an input to the data pins of the graphical lcd then the corresponding scene will appear in the graphical lcd which are already created by using the program. ‡ ‡When the voice of the input word mathces with the voice of the target word then the output data from the HM 2007 module gives an input to the corresponding GPIO pins of the LPC 2148 micro controller. ‡In this way we can design a low power working voice driven scene mode recommendation service for portable imaging devices.BLOCK 3:The block 3 consits of an graphical lcd for which we are giving the power supply by using the USB cable and the input for the graphical lcd will be given from the GPIO pins of the LPC 2148 micro controller. ‡ In this way we can change the mode of the scene according to the voice input. .

. ‡ Examination halls. ‡ Designing and developing of highly secured conference Hall in confidential meetings by using graphical LCD ‡ Radio-frequency identification (RFID) ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM AND SECURITY WEBCAM WITH VOICE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. relying on storing and remotely retrievingdata using devices called RFID tags or transponders. ‡ RFID is an automatic identification method.APPLICATIONS ‡ Handheld devices to view the images.

.CONCLUSION ‡ The project A Voice-Driven Scene-Mode Recommendation Service For Portable Digital Imaging Devices has been developed by integrating features of all the hardware components used. ‡ Highly advanced IC s have been used.