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Surojit Saha

What is Medical Tourism ?

Tourism combined with a visit for Medical Treatment

Concept of Medical Value Tourism
Is it a new concept ? No Dates back > thousands of years. Greek pilgrims travelled in Saronic Gulf called Epidauria, sanctuary of the healing god Asclepius Yes. Marketing of Medical Value Tourism is relatively new concept.

Serious ailments & post recreation .Medical Travel ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ People traveling across borders for healthcare needs Only ambulatory care can be really linked to tourism. Tourism is recreation linked .

Historical Perspective Neolithic & Bronze Age Middle Ages 16th century 17th/18th century 19th century 20th century Mineral & Hot Spring visits Thermal Springs ³Fountain of Youth´ Spa Sea & Mountain Air (TB sanitarium) ³Health Farms´ or ³Fat Farms´ .

8 trillion India¶s -US$ 50 billion.Healthcare Business Statistics Facts & Figures Worlds largest after retailing Global healthcare revenue US$ 2. Exp growth > 13% /annum for next 6 years .

Medical tourism could account for 3-5% of the total India is rated amongst the world¶s ³must see top ten destination´ by Conde Naste (international magazine) A study by CII Mckinsey estimates that country could earn 5000-10.000 crore by 2012 Health procedures across world show 200-800% cost difference .Healthcare Business Statistics Facts & Figures India healthcare delivery market.

000 foreign in 2005 . India and the McKinsey About 500.Healthcare Business Statistics India Growth of the industry from about $40 billion in 2004 to $100 billion by the year 2012. -----the Confederation of Company.

AFRICAS.UK ‡ Insurance unaffordable leading to semi insured and uninsured population . Nepal and Bangladesh etc ‡ Limited specialized care WEST ‡ Long waiting .Issues for Treatment in Different Countries SAARC .US ‡ Private hospitals very expensive .g Afghanistan . MIDDLE EAST ‡ No advance care available e.

Global Report .


Global Figure .

Global Figure .

India 14 .

15 .

Possess English speaking skills Comfort Level ‡NRI doctors recognized as amongst best in adopted countries (First World) ‡Usage of English ‡Indian Nurses increasingly getting international exposure .000 doctors. and . nurses & paramedics Strength: .Advantage India (Core Competencies) ´First World Treatment at Third World Costsµ Quality Large pool of doctors.Over 650. .Highly skilled experts.

Advantage India (Core Competencies) ´First World Treatment at Third World Costsµ Value Proposition Quality medical services at 1/10th costs: ‡Complicated surgical procedures possible at 1/10th the cost ‡Increase in use of Computerized Hospital Information Systems ‡Software technologists facilitating tech revolution in healthcare ‡State-of-the-art medical establishments of great repute .

Advantage India (Core Competencies) ´First World Treatment at Third World Costsµ Lower Medication cost: ‡Strong Pharma Sector and gaining world recognition ‡ Fast emerging as major Drug R&D Center ‡ Strong Generic drugs business ‡Low cost of drug development in India ‡No waiting Tourist Interest: ‡ 5000 year old civilization ‡ Renowned for Historical. vast coastline ‡ Traditional arts and crafts ‡ Vibrant democracy: Freedom for citizens. Cultural and Religious diversity ‡ Diverse geographical landmarks. empowered women population .

Cost Comparison .

Advantage India ´First World Treatment at Third World Costsµ Alternative Medicine Proposition: ‡Ancient Ayurvedic stream of medicines ‡ Rejuvenation alternatives: Kerala¶s health retreats ‡ Naturopathy and Yoga .

Changing Consumer Behaviour ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Cost World class Treatment Facilities at par Places of attractions Environment .

But Not Everything Green Here«« I s s u e s  Standardized education in Medical Institutions Doctors  Strong regulatory mechanism to curb quacks  No communication and inter-personal skills teaching Nurses & Paramedical  Deficient Language skills  Lack of Standardization  Attrition  Hygiene awareness in medical attendants  Unhygienic Food handling Service Heterogeneous Pricing of services .


Nursing colleges and Hospitals Regulatory Bodies with Teeth Government soft loan to Private Players Tax Holiday & Further Duty Roll Back Apex Industry body under Union List Greater Industry & Govt. sell India as Medical Tourism Destination . Interaction Medical Insurance Reforms Seamless Single-Window Facility to Tourists Govt.PATH FORWARD (Potential + Improvements) POTENTIAL Doctors & Paramedics Expertise Recognized Cost Advantage Language Skills Vibrant Industries IT Strength Management Skills Pharmaceutical Industry Tourism Potential Service Industry Mindset FUTURE FOCUS Uniform Medical Education Standards Industry Accreditation Standards Mandatory Accreditation of all Colleges & Hospitals Target-oriented Infrastructure Investment More Medical.

REALIZED POTENTIAL GDP Growth SPIN-OFF INDIA EMERGES AS MAJOR MEDICAL TOURISM DESTINATION Employment in Healthcare Sector Employment in Tourism Industry Overall Growth in Commerce Reversal & Arrest of Brain Drain Stimulus to Pharmaceuticals Industry Growth in Insurance Industry Better medical facilities for larger population Catalyzes India to the Club of Global Leaders .

Delhi Jaslok Hospital. Mumbai Breach Candy Hospital Wokhardt Hospital Kolkata 26 .Indian -International Standard Hospitals Apollo Hospital Max Hospital Delhi Fortis Hospital.


But Long way to Go Need of the hour . GLOBAL MEDICAL TOURISM MARKETING STRATEGIES 28 .

Middle East.To India UK. USA. South East Asia Medical Tourists 29 . Canada.