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. Drishtee¶s performance and resulting productivity is an indicator of the satisfaction level of its employees. For the betterment of the Human Resources.Drishtee has laid down a vision.HUMAN RESOURCES Human Resource is the most valuable asset of Drishtee. objectives and strategies. mission.It takes utmost care to keep its human resources satisfied and motivated.

HR VISION  To attain organizational excellence by developing and inspiring the true potential of Drishtee¶s human capital and providing opportunities for growth. innovation and enrichment. .

HR MISSION  To create a value based organization by inculcating a culture of learning. responsive and competent human capital. creativity & team work and aligning business priorities with the aspiration of our people leading to development of an empowered. .

HR OBJECTIVES:     To foster a climate of creativity. innovation and enthusiasm To provide a work environment that is a source of creativity and enjoyment To develop and sustain core values To provide opportunities for growth and development .

   To inculcate a spirit of learning and enjoying challenges To provide job contentment through empowerment. equality of opportunity and respect to all . accountability and responsibility To demonstrate fairness.

nourish and maintain an extremely open. Formulate and implement sound HR Practices and Systems. Create career progression plans with emphasis on training. .HR STRATEGY    Create. and receptive work environment. congenial.

Strengthen customer orientation both internally and externally. Provide scope for creativity and innovation. Create accountability and belongingness amongst all employees . Be sensitive to humanness of any and every situation.     Emphasize on communication processes at all levels.


guided and encouraged to reach his/her highest level of competency by inbuilt parameters in the system. In this process one will find his/her own position of equilibrium in the organization and his/her competency being utilized to the maximum towards fulfilling the objectives of the organization.ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Every employee of Drishtee is motivated. .

employee performance and workplace environment. .OUR VALUES DRISHTEE values all its employees for the contributions they make to the accomplishment of the Organization¶s mission. It is committed to deliver HR programs and services to improve opportunities for employee development. It believes that all employees can develop work-related competencies to enhance job performance by working as a team.

It is an integral part of the whole Drishtee management programme.with all its many activities functionally inter related.TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT   Training being the corner stone of Drishtee makes employees more effective and productive. Development process covers not only those activities which improve job performance but also those which bring out growth of the personality. .In our organization .it is intended to equip persons to earn promotion and hold greater responsibility.