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Waipahu Transit Center

Honolulu Rail Road Project Presented by: Sila Manahane

TheBus Waipahu Transit Center Street Views

y 94- Hikimoe St.

Waipahu Is First
Apr 25, 2011 y Utility line relocation y Will also include relocation of trees, storm drains and water, gas, sewer and phone lines y Permission for work permit in Kapolei was in process

Which Rail Type?

y Heavy Rail- Opt for Waipahu (East Kapolei to Aloha Stadium)

y Light Rail best for downtown Honolulu according to the AIA

Soil Tests Completed

y Both West Loch station and Waipahu Transit Center had soil samples taken y October 14 to 26, 2011 - Waipahu Transit Center Station Mauka side of station - 94-818 Moloalo Street Makai side - 94-819 Farrington Highway

Additional Information
y 3 Min from West Loch to Waipahu Transit Center (Station 4 to Station 5) y Travel time to Ala Moana Center is estimated 31 min. y Operational by 2019 y Part of the phase 1 process, Waipahu is the starting point of the project underway

Waipahu Community voices their input to Project

April 15,2009 y Waipahu residents had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the stations designs y City and County of Honolulu set up 3 workshops for the designers and city members to collaborate y Discussion covered landscaping, colors, entryways etc. y Designers used the input to make a design that best reflects the Waipahu community

Input Summary from the workshops

y Honor Waipahus plantation past y Hawaii sense of place

y Sugar cane and taro motifs y Ample sun screens and shade

y Lots of plants and foliage y Earth Tones y Artwork representing Waipahu history in plaza and stations
y y Stations must be secure Easily accessible for the disabled community Energy-effic

WTC Improvements
y Elevators, escalaors and stairs y Handicap-friendly y Shuttle and private tour bus area y Kiss-and-Ride y TheBus Stop y TheBus Transit Center y TheHandi-Van Pick-up/Drop-off y Tour Bus or Private Shuttle Area y Planned Number of Entrances: 2 y Platform Type: Side

WTC TheBus System

y Currently Waipahu Transit Center services only TheBus system y Connecting Bus Routes: 40. 40A, 42, 50, 432, 433 & 434

Design Waipahu Station Early Stages

Farrington Hwy Route

Economic Development
May 25,2008 y The company predicts Waipahu could become a low-rise version of Downtown Honolulu during the next 20 years or so. Conceptual drawings recently released by the company show a massive redevelopment of Waipahu that includes buildings of 10 or more stories near a planned station at Leoku Street and Farrington Highway. Sean Hao of Honolulu Advertiser y The station would attract more tourists to the area y More economic activity brought to area, distancing from plantation town roots y Are Waipahu residents ready for a change?