AS Media Studies Film Opening Evaluation Dream Stalker!


By Chelsea Jay

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Camera angles and shots:
I would say getting the right camera angles and shots is very important when making a film opening as it creates the desired emotion and reaction. In my groups film opening ¶Dream Stalker· we used a variety of different camera shots which included, ground shot, over the shoulder shot, medium shot and long shot. The camera angles we mainly used include ground level and eye level. More than likely every film would contain these camera angles and shots.

Ground Sot

Over the shoulder Medium Shot We thought it was very important to get the and Long Shot different types of shots in our film opening. We thought it was important because we wanted Close up shot our film opening to look exciting and want To show facial people to watch it. But if we kept to the same expression. camera angle and shot all the way through it wouldn't give off the right atmosphere we wanted.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Costumes and props- In our film opening ¶Dream Stalker· we decided our costumes and props were going to be simple and casual because we wanted to make our film opening look realistic and not over exaggerated. We decided that the stalker should wear a piece of clothing with a hood to portray his evil character. As for the teenage girl, we decided that she should wear casual clothes like she would at home as we wanted our film opening to look realistic. When it comes to props, we didn·t really use any as we felt we didn·t need to. The only prop we decided that was going to be necessary was a plastic knife for the end of the dream and the end of the film opening. The showing of the news report was burnt on to DVD and played on the television to make it look more realistic to the audience that the teenage girl was actually watching the news. Siobhan who was the news reporter was dressed in formal clothes to portray that she was an important person on television. News reporter is wearing formal clothing to show she is an important person. The stalker in a jumper to portray his evil character.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
I would definitely say that the finished media product that myself and my group created did fit its genre. The chosen genre of my groups finished product is ¶horror· and I strongly believe that we successfully managed to show that the horror genre was apart of our film opening We tried to make it obvious to the audience that it was a horror genre by using dark lightning and close up camera angles and shots which would create an atmosphere for the audience. The horror genre is philosophy of literature which was intended to frighten the audience. Horror can be either supernatural or non-supernatural. You can find out more about horror genre here:

The use of music:
One of the main conventions of horror genre has to the music, it has to have a reason and the reason for our piece was to fill the audience with suspense and terror in order for the purpose to be fulfilled and for the audience to want to carry on watching the rest of our film opening. I think we successfully accomplished our purpose as the music does exactly what we wanted it to. We were very interested in a soundtrack called ¶Abducted· which we used throughout our film opening and you can view that here : Setting and LocationThe location is the most important part of a film opening as the setting sets the seen and the mood for the audience, we wanted to film it out side of school because we felt it wouldn't be as realistic as it could be. So with permission we filmed inside Scott·s Nan's house. Filming it inside a house gives of the realistic feel to the audience. I would defiantly say that we successfully chose the right setting and location which worked well with our film opening.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Our StorylineMyself and my group made two different film openings. The first one we thought didn·t have a storyline which the audience would understand because we didn't really understand it ourselves. After editing the first draft of ¶When The Clock Strikes 12· we decided to change the storyline and do something completely different. We then took into consideration that we didn't have a lot of time as we only had a few days to come up with a new story line, film it and edit it. However we decided to do a horror genre. We thought doing a horror genre would be easier then doing a hybrid horror comedy genre what we done for ¶When the clock strikes 12· The story line for our film is about a teenage girl being stalked. She saw the stalker in her dream but thought nothing of it as it was only a dream, when she woke up from the bad dream she went to make herself a drink and watches the news. Which is when it all starts to happen...There is a serial killer on the loose not far from where she lives. The teenage girl didn't seem scared at all until there was a phone call and a bang on the door! I would defiantly say that our film opening ¶Dream Stalker· is quite similar to the movie scream. I would say they are similar because they both include one girl in a house getting a phone call with the stalker on the other end frightening the victim, coming into contact with the killer also we both end up getting killed. Here is the link below to my groups film opening and the scream opening. Scream film opening link: Dream Stalker Link:

How does your media product present particular social groups?
In our media product the characters include two females one portray the teenage victim and one playing the news reporter there also was two males one playing the serial killer and the other was the camera man. I believe that our film opening doesn't show a lot about social groups. I think this because in our film a teenage girl gets killed which seems to be a common theme in horrors. For example in the film scream a teenage girl gets stalked and harassed by getting phone calls and wont leave her alone and she ends up getting killed. I would also say our film opening is similar to sorority row and prom night I would say these films are similar because they all contain teenage social group and the audiences are mainly 15 and above. Characters: Rhys who plays the serial killer Chelsea playing the teenage victim Links: Scream: Sorority Row: Prom Night: 08_film)

Siobhan who is playing the news reporter.

What is the audience and age rating for your film opening?
I think that the suitable audience for our horror film opening ¶Dream Stalker· would be a 15+ rating. I think this because it contains stalkers, killers and deaths. I wouldn't recommend an under 15 to watch a horror because it might frighten them or influence them in the wrong way. For example if a 10 year old was to watch this film opening they might think it is a good idea and influence them to go out and stalk someone as shown in the film opening. I believe that our film opening would attract mature audience like young adults and older adults.

Classification guidelines: As quoted on the classification guidelines No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema. No one younger than 15 may rent or buy a 15 rated video work.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
I have looked at the film company behind different films similar to our film opening genre. I have done this in order to come to a conclusion to which institution our film opening ¶Dream stalker· may belong to. I think that film companies like dimension films, new line cinema, universal and many more other companies produce their own horror films which has roughly the same story line as ours.

All of these companies produce horror films for example scream Sorority Row and prom night. I believe that these institution companies would produce our film opening because each of the companies have produced films which I think has a similar story line to ours.

How did you attract/address your audience?
I think that we attracted our audience at the start of our film opening by the choice of music we used. I think this worked well because the music we used creates tension and is quite scary. It was helpful to use music which builds up tension at the start so it draws the audience in to makes them want to watch the rest to find out what happens. We addressed the viewer as if they was in the room with the characters. We successfully done this by including over the shoulder shots and medium shots, following the actors about all adds up to the affect. We also used shots from the killers point of view to help create the right atmosphere for the audience. These are shown below.

Shot from the killers point of view. Using this camera shot tells the audience straight away that there is someone watching her. We thought this was important to include shots from the killers point of view.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
All of the groups were very lucky because we all had access to some very useful equipment. We had access to HD Cameras and Tripod, Apple Macs and Final Cut editing soft wear. Without having these we wouldn't have been able to do as well as we did with them. Before making the film opening we had chance to go on the Apple Macs and learn how to use the final cut soft wear. Final cut was relatively easy to use and very straight forward because I have used it before. However If we did get stuck on we used YouTube which would explain to us how to do certain things. I thought that editing a film opening would be quick and easy to do. I have learnt that this isn't the case, it takes time and effort to get it right.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
Together as a group we wanted our preliminary task to be different and stand out and make people laugh. We also thought it would be a good practise as in our first film opening we was doing a horror comedy. We thought of it as a ¶trial· for our actual opening. For this reason we thought we would do something completely different to our opening. I think this helped us a lot and defiantly gave us a greater understanding on different camera angles and shots we could use in our film opening. Here is an example of a match on action shot. I think that planning out and following simple rules of filming such as the 180 degree rule really helped and changed the way the opening looks as it made it look better. These shots are what we learnt helped us out a lot when filming our opening we made sure that incorporated them. All films use the 180 degree for example in the film mean girls they use the 180 degree rule to maintain the left/right relationship to each other when having a conversation. The 180 degree rule was very important that we included this because the 180 degree rule states that two characters or other elements are in the same scene. The 180 degree rule should also be used when two people are having a conversation and should always maintain the left/right relationship to each other. We were given a guideline on what our preliminary task should include which where ‡ Match on action shot ‡ Shot reverse shot ‡ The 180 rule