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TAJ HOTELS (A well brand name of Hotels of India)

Presented by:Garvit Kapoor Surbhi Shikha Sandeep Kaur Tazinder Singh

Jamsetji N Tata. belongs to India¶s prestigious Tata Group It operates one of the largest hotel chain in a country under the brand Taj Hotel Resort & Palaces. The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai in the year µ1903¶. Today .Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces comprises 58 hotels across India & 17 Hotels in International locations . Founder of this group is Mr.INTRODUCTION IHL. Opened first hotel .

The Hotels are grouped into 3 categories. fitness centres etc..  .They are: Luxury Leisure Business  They provide lavish accomodation gourmet speciality restaurants & bars .CONT¶D««.

James Taj palace hotel Taj sheba hotel Sohar beach hotel Taj pamodzi Taj exotica resort & spa Taj exotica resort & spa. taj coral reef resort Taj denis island Taj exotica Taj samudra . sri lanka Langkawi . Mauritius Maldives Seychelles Bentota . crowne plaza London st. sri lanka Colombo . oman Lusaka . yemen Sohar.K Dubai . Malaysia Sydney . U. airport garden hotel Rebak marina resort Hotel blue sydney IHL PROPERTY .A London .S. australia The pieree 51 buckingham gate. U. Zambia Wolmar .E Sana s . U.INTERNATIONAL PROPERTIES LOCATION New York .A.

.MISSION OF TAJ GROUP To connect all 75 Taj Hotels and Resorts and deliver a centralized CRM solution and a new integrated reservation and distribution platform.

SWOT ANALYSIS S.Strength      Brand Value Infrastructure Best in class services. Sales and Marketing network Providing total travel management solution W-Weaknesses Dependency majorly on Indian Territory Dependency only high end Luxury Segment   .

O-Opportunities     Rapidly growing market in India.CONT¶D«. Extending the product portfolio in luxury residences. Expansion in international destinations Growing demand in the budget and mid-market segments. wildlife lodges and spas.. T-Threats General downturn in economies Interest rates fluctuation Cheaper international airfares    . South Asia and key gateway cities in source-market destinations.

which all the Tata group companies have adopted.2-MAJOR APPROACH Taj group follow the 2 major group:Kaizen approach TPM approach This is embodied in the Tata business excellence model. .

SERVICE PHILOSPHY The Taj group has also adopted 3 steps :Warm welcome Anticipatory service Fond farewell .

AWARDS &  LEVELS Hermes Award(2002) The STARS Programme runs from April ± March every yr and has some levels.They are:o Level 1 o Level 2 o Level 3 o Level 4 o Level 5 .

PROBLEMS  The Taj Hotel President in Mumbai recently facing the problem in its main kitchen.  . The Konkan café & Thai kitchen were facing a problem due to depth of the sink & mixing of a metal and chinaware.

The layout of the dishwashing area was changed to facilitate single-piece flow.SOLUTIONS    The system of one piece at a time into the dishwasher was implemented. . The breakage of crockery came down by 28%.

They always focus on customer problems.   . Monitoring the things which is the main merit of Taj group.FINDINGS  One of the famous group in all over world.