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A GENERAL PRESENTATION ON ATOM BOMB. Presented by -Gourav kumar Roll no.


The Atom Bomb yThe Full History of The Atom Bomb yand How It Affected WWII .

y In 1905 Albert Einstein developed the theories of the relationship of mass and energy. Afterwards a demonstration was made on the ideas of nuclear fission. .. This was used by American physicians to diagnose heart disease. Next from 1913 to 1938 the radiation detector is invented. y Finally in july of 1945 united States Tested the first atomic device in a closed military area in New Mexico this was the invention of the atom bomb.History««.

He also established the nuclear theory of the atom. .Key Players y Ernest Rutherford: Was one of the first people to show the true power of radiation by disintegrating nitrogen into hydrogen using radiation.

but after the war he rallied against the use and testing of nuclear weapons as did other scientists who helped design the atom bomb. .Key Players Continued y Albert Einstein: He established the idea of the first nuclear weapon.

The Result of His Earlier Relativity work y A Nuclear Blast over Hiroshima .

splitting them in the same way. Energy is released when those neutrons split off from the nucleus.BASIC PRINCIPLE OF ATOM BOMB y The splitting of atomic nuclei releases enormous energy. . and the newly released neutrons strike other uranium 235 (or plutonium 239) nuclei. releasing more energy and more neutrons. This chain reaction spreads almost instantaneously. When a single free neutron strikes the nucleus of an atom of fissile (radioactive) material like uranium 235 or plutonium 239. The atomic bomb (Abomb) was a weapon of destruction that used the power released by the splitting of atomic nuclei. it usually knocks two or three more neutrons free.

Nuclear Fission ‡ Nuclear Fission is the process of elements being broken up by neutrons into smaller elements. In this picture the element uranium is added with a neutron which increases its atomic mass. The element then splits. forming two new elements( Baron an Krypton) . .

The reason the atom bomb is so destructive is because of the nuclear reaction that occurs in the bomb.How it works An atom bomb works by starting a nuclear chain reaction on impact. The explosion releases a large number of energy that is easily a billion times the amount of a regular stick of dynamite. The mass destruction that follows the explosion of the bomb .

5 kilometers from ground zero (directly below the burst point). Thermal burns of bare skin occurred as far as 3. including radiation-induced cancers Radiation. all combustible materials were consumed. People exposure within 500 meters of ground zero was fatal. People exposed at distances of 3 to 5 kilometers later showed symptoms of aftereffects. Intense thermal heat emitted by the fireball caused severe burns and loss of eyesight.Damaging Effects of the Atom Bomb Thermal Heat. Tile and glass melted. Most people exposed to thermal rays within 1kilometer radius of ground zero died. .

Pictures from Event/Effects This picture shows the damage and injuries that were suffered by many as a result of the atomic bombs. . The energy that was released from the bomb caused severe burns and scarring.

Hiroshima Before The Atomic Bomb .

Hiroshima After The Atomic Bomb .

Mushroom cloud that appeared after the atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima .

The Bombing: Nagasaki Before After .

Memories y Einstein felt very guilty for what he caused after he saw the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. y He even said I made one of the worst mistakes in my life when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made. but there was some justification-the danger that the Germans would make them. .