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Performance appraisal is the process of obtaining, analyzing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee. The focus of the performance appraisal is measuring and improving the actual performance of the employee and also the future potential of the employee. Its aim is to measure what an employee does.

To review the performance of the employees over a given period of time. To judge the gap between the actual and the desired performance. To help the management in exercising organizational control. Helps to strengthen the relationship and communication between superior subordinates and management employees. To diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals so as to identify the training and development needs of the future. To provide feedback to the employees regarding their past performance. Provide information to assist in the other personal decisions in the organization. Provide clarity of the expectations and responsibilities of the functions to be performed by the employees. To judge the effectiveness of the other human resource functions of the organization such as recruitment, selection, training and development. To reduce the grievances of the employees

PUNJAB GRAMIN BANK has come into existence on 12.09.2005, with its Head Office at Kapurthala. The are of operation the Bank is in 11 DISTRICTS of Punjab named as: (1) Kapurthala (2) Firozpur (3) Moga (4) Amritsar (5) Taran Taran (6) Gurdaspur (7) Hoshiarpur (8) Ropar (9) Nawan Shahar (10) Mohali (11) Jalandhar

To understand the Performance Appraisal activities of PUNJAB GRAMIN BANK To find out if the Performance Appraisal activities help the employee in his performance. Take the response of employees towards the Performance Appraisal activities carried on upon them.

Question no 1: Number of service years in this organization.


5-10 years (b) 10-15 years (c) More than 15 year



5-10 YEAR 30%

10-15 YEAR 30%


Less than 5 year 5-10 year 10-15 year More than 15

Question no 2: Are you aware about your performance appraisal or any evaluation done by your superior. (a) Yes (70%) (b) No (30%)

Yes No

Question no 3: Are you aware about the modern techniques used in performance appraisal? (a) Yes (60%) (b) No (40%)

yes No

4: Performance appraisal techniques make you better eligible for promotion, demotion, & transfer. (a) Agreed ( 60% ) (b) Not Agreed (40%)

Agreed Not agreed

Question no 5: Do you think performance appraisal is useful or just a waste of time? (a) Useful (84%) (b) Waste of time ( 16% )

Usefull Wast of time

Question no 6: Proper and adequate performance appraisal plays a crucial role in your career development. (a) Agreed (82% ) (b) Not Agreed ( 18%)

Yes No

Question no 7: Does performance appraisal report is helpful in identifying Training and Development need or it lay development plan for you? (a) To a large extent 35 (b) To some extent 10 (c) Not at all 5

To a large extent To some extent 3rd Qtr

8: Performance appraisal is most of the time fair and unbiased. (a) Agreed ( 70% ) (b) Not Agreed (30%)

Agreed Not agreed

1. The response collected is based on the period of their service in the organization. 2. 80 % the employees had responded in favour of that they were aware about performance appraisal. 3. Near about 60% of the employees had not aware about modern performance appraisal techniques. 4. The 80% of the respondents shows that PARs as a good strategy to go ahead with promotion while 40% of respondents do not agree with it. 5. More than 90% of the employees say that performance appraisal is useful for there self-assessment and promotions. Thus, they cannot ignore it. And rest of the employees thinks it as a waste of time. 6. 92% of the responses show that Performance Appraisal Report helps a lot in the promotional activities.

It is truth that no work is completed in itself. In fact, completion of one job is actually the beginning of another job. Likewise, performance Appraisal is never ending process. It is essential for personal & professional development. This project has been considering all possible aspects mentioned in the project booklet. The project is made very clear and precise with the help of the relevant data gathered from the company, company website & through various annexure. In the concluding remark of my project report, I would like to state that at PUNJAB GRAMIN BANK , the employees are considered as most valuable assets & strength for sustained growth & development of the bank They believe in investing continuously in human resource for their growth. The bank is led by young professionals. They have an open work environment which is achievement oriented

1. This situation realizes that there were 20% of the employee who are unaware of the performance appraisal report which will be reduced by providing them counseling. 2. They should have to be aware about the performance appraisal techniques because they have to pass through it for taking better promotions & greater responsibility. 3. This shows there negligence towards there career & awareness. Thus, it can avoid by providing enough information to employee with the help of training & development exercise. 4. The 20% of respondents responses shows that they are not aware about importance of performance appraisal report. They should be aware about that how they can take promotion and greater responsibility through better performance. 5. They have to introduced career development graphs and necessary skills to reach that position after experiencing some years. 6. Respondents should have to better understand the job responsibility and training need identification through schedule chart or through the job analysis.