Disney Brand


1923 by brothers Walt and Roy Disney as an animation studio ‡ Become Largest Hollywood studios .Owner and licensor of eleven theme parks and several telivison networks .Introduction ‡ Largest media and entertainment corporation ‡ Founded on October 16.

Business Segments Disney together with it subsidiaries and affiliates diversified family entertainment and media enterprises Media Networks Studio Entertainment Parks N Resorts Consumer Products .

.Brand Identity ‡Name: Walt Disney Company Name: ‡Personage (Emblem): Mickey Mouse Emblem): all started by a mouse ‡Visual symbols and logotypes: logotypes: It is a stylized version of the founder´s signature = Brand name Different animations and styles included ‡Brand Developer: Walter Elias Disney Developer: ‡Communication together with its content and form: form: The brand name promises secure. cheerful and quality American mainstream entertainment.

Brand Portfolio .

Optimism & Decency ‡Sponsorship ‡Separate from the real world ‡Magic optimism ‡Childhood years ‡Soul of a kid All generations all over the world ‡Calm ‡Warm ‡Friendly ‡Positive ‡Excited ‡"Kid in everyone" . ‡Patronizing attitude Storytelling.BRAND IDENTITY PRISM (KAPFERER) EXTERNALISATION ‡Name: Walt Disney Company ‡Logotypes ‡Diversified. Quality. international family entertainment and media company Animation and family entrertainment ‡Personage (Emblem): Mickey Mouse ‡Enthusiastic ‡Imaginative ‡Creative and Magical ‡Fashionable ‡Childhood INTERNALISATION ‡American ‡Safety ‡Conservative & dynamic ‡Quality ‡World Added Value ‡Friendship ‡Talent. Community. passion and dedication ‡Cheerful ‡Values: Innovation.

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