The Strategic Instruction Model

...dramatically improves the performance of students considered to be at-risk for school failure through research-based interventions.

SIM Research Shows:
The Good Information Processor:
‡ Knows a large number of useful learning strategies. ‡ Understands when, where and why these strategies are important. ‡ Selects and monitors strategies wisely and is extremely reflective and planful. ‡ Adheres to an incremental view regarding growth of the mind. ‡ Believes in carefully deployed effort. ‡ Is intrinsically motivated. ‡ Doesn¶t fear failure and isn¶t anxious about tests; Sees tests as opportunities. ‡ Has multiple images of other possible selves. ‡ Knows a great deal about many topics and has rapid access to that knowledge.

Some Pressing Problems...
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Increase in content to be covered Increase in performance standards Increase in accountability Increase in student diversity Increase in class size Increase in ³disconnectedness´

Leads to...
Demands/ Skills

The Performance Gap

Years in School

An individual¶s approach to a task is called a:

It includes how a person thinks and acts when planning, executing, and evaluating performance on a task and its outcomes. Definition used by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

How is Strategic Tutoring Different from Assignment Tutoring?

The Traditional Approach to Tutoring

The Strategic Tutoring Approach

Outcomes for Students Using Strategic Tutoring
‡ Students complete assignments and prepare for tests ‡ Students become good information processors ‡ The student and tutor create a supportive relationship ‡ Students can learn how to apply Strategic Tutoring independently

The Four Phases of Strategic Tutoring
‡ Assessing ‡ Constructing ‡ Teaching
o o o

Modeling Checking Supporting

‡ Transferring

Strategic Tutoring Results: Student Performance

The Strategic Learning Center¶s

Continuum of Tutoring Services

Continuum of Tutoring Services

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Assignment Assistance Tutoring Strategic Tutoring Learning Strategy Tutoring Check in / Check out / Mentoring

Strategic Tutoring Additional Assessment
‡ Independence Interview

Example: ³Tell me everything you do when you work on your math assignment?´ (Can be any content area)

‡ Hope Scale
Will Power ± What students want to do (goals). o Way Power ± Skills students have to accomplish their goals.

Student Strategy Knowledge
Example of the Independence Interview:³Tell me everything you do when you work on math assignments.´ Pre Strategic Tutoring Andre¶: Math Strategy Oct. 13, 2000 ‡ I take notes from the ‡ overhead. ‡ I use the notes if I don¶t remember. Post Strategic Tutoring Andre¶: Math Strategy Dec. 7, 2000 First, I have a separate folder for math assignments. ‡ I read the problem aloud. ‡ I underline information ‡ Compare to other problems(look at example in the book). ‡ Make up a guess ‡ Solve parts of the problem. ‡ Check my work

Student Strategy Knowledge
Example of the Independence Interview:³Tell me everything you do when you organize yourself for school.´ Pre Strategic Tutoring
Andre¶: Organizational Strategy Nov 2, 2000 ‡ Put my papers for class in each textbook(science assignment in science text). ‡ Also put papers in bottom of backpack.

Post Strategic Tutoring
Andre¶: Organizational Strategy Dec. 7, 2000 ‡ Use a notebook and separate folder for each subject. ‡ The tutor checks my weekly/ daily planner. ‡ Use a grid for the planner and put sports stickers for each daily schedule that was complete. ‡ I look at the board each class for notes written by the teacher. ‡ Copy the dates and assignments from the board and due dates.

For More Information
‡ Contact Kim Galloway at: ‡ (best) ‡ (503) 431-5753- voicemail

For More Information
Strategic Tutor Training, Programs and Resources
‡ Contact: Mona Meighan, Ed.D. at 206.760.7650

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