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What is a career?
A career is the sequence and variety of occupations (paid or unpaid) which one undertakes throughout a lifetime.more brodly,careerincludes life roles,important activities,learning and work.


A job is a paid position
requiring a group of specific attributes and skills that enables a person to perform tasks in an organisation either part time or full time for a short or long duration.

An occupationis
defined as a group of similar jobs found in different industries or organisation.

Career Development is the process of managing life ,learning

and work over the lifespan.

Career Guidance is an inclusive term that has been used to

describe a range of intervention including career education and counclling, that help people to move from a general understanding of the life and work to a specific understanding of the realistic life,learning and work options that are open to guidance is often thought to incorporate career information, career education and career counselling

1.Career planning is an important phase of life. 2.Incorporates short and long term goals. 3.Personal goals. 4.costraints(problems that arises in your career) 5.Process of selecting occupation. 6.Selecting and growing in a job.

The career planning process is comprised of four steps. One might seek the services of a career development professional to help facilitate his or her journey through this process.

Gather information about yourself (self assessment)Interests Values Roles Skills Preferred Environments Development needs Your realities.

Explore the occupations in which you are interested Research the industries in which you would like to work Research the Labor Market Get more specific information after you narrow down your options by: Job Shadowing Part time work, internships, or volunteer opportunities Written materials

During this phase of the process, you will:Identify possible occupations Evaluate these occupations Explore alternatives Choose both a short term and a long term option

You will develop the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal, for example:Investigating sources of additional training and education, if needed Developing a job search strategy Writing your resume
Gathering company information Composing cover letters Preparing for job interviews

Our Career Model This five phase Donner-Wheeler Career Planning and Development Model assists individuals as they move along the career continuum. It is the foundation of all our programs and services.


Step 1 - Career Assessment Interview - to discuss needs and/or problem areas Career testing - to identify personality factors, values and motivational needs, interests, work style, self concept, work stress and anxiety factors, leadership and teamwork potential, skills and abilities Step 2 - Consultation (test and assessment results) Understanding personal skills, strengths, abilities, work/study habits, idealistic and functional use of strengths, training/educational needs and options Recognizing transferable skills Discussing work place conflicts Problem solving, guidance Step 3 - Consultation (decisions) Achieving a life/career/work balance Making realistic career choices and/or career changes Determining additional training, education, experience needs Step 4 - Consultation (actions) Planning - what, how, where, when - creating career steps that lead to happiness, productivity, and success Step 5 - Consultation (goals-career as self expression)

Career planning & development


.Career decision-making is not simply matching a person to an occupation.there are many influences that impact on a persons career decisions.
.learning about the world of work,its changing nature,the general

expectations, and the demands of the workplace .developing self-awareness in relation to interest,abilities,competencies And values. .developing awareness and understanding of occupational information & career pathways .developing skills in decision-making which can be applied to career choices. .acquiring the skills necessary to implement the career decisions made.

Career planning of infosys

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