Anointing OF THE SICK

Anointing of the sick
 Heals in a special sense

 it brings Christ’s compassionate loving

healing to bear on those suffering serious sickness.

 Cure
 Eradication of the

disease or defect

•The process by which persons are helped to realize their full potential before God and their fellow men and women.

•By holistic care that touches the body, soul and spirit of the sick person.

A. Sickness

 Serious ilness brings out our powerlesness and

radical limitations
 Sickness can bring us to a more mature
“ As Christians, our faith helps us to understand better the mystery of suffering and to bear pain more bravely.” (CFC#1824)

B. Sickness and Sin
 Sickness directly as personal sin

 A particular sickness is not usually directly related to

a specific sin. Sickness and sin are nevertheless related in a more general way


Concrete sign of deeper more general spiritual evil in the world

C. Christian attitude to sickness

 It is part of the plan laid down by God’s providence

that we should struggle against all sickness and carefully seek the blessing of good health so that we can fulfill our role in human society and in the Church.
 Sickness is not a sign of a particular personal sin, but

of the oppressive presence of evil in our human situation.

C. Christian attitude to sickness

 All those who are seriously ill need the special help of

God’s grace.
 Joining

our sufferings with Christ’s our very sufferings can take on creative, saving and transforming meaning and value.

D. Christ the Physician
 The real importance of the body-cures, then, was to

act as signs of the more radical healing over sin and death, the salvation of the whole person.
 Jesus never healed the body as an end in itself, but

always in view of bringing salvation to the whole person, body and soul. JESUS ALSO HEALS OUR FAITH

E. The “ Healing Church”
“ All are called to visit the sick and care for them”
 Based on the parable of the Good Samaritan and

other parables, it shows that Jesus cared for the sick and infirm as a basic CORPORAL WORK OF MERCY.

E. The “ Healing Church”

 Jesus passed on his ministry of healing:
 To

the Apostles

Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them... They anointed the sick with oil and worked many cures (MK 6:7, 13)  The Risen Christ promised the Apostles that the sick upon whom they laid their hands would recover.

E. The “ Healing Church”

 Sacrament for baptized Christians who are sick for not

only those who are at the point of death.
 Its name is changed from “ Extreme Unction” to “

Anointing of the Sick”
 The ministers of the sacrament are not the charismatic “

healers” but the priests, the elders whose autority assures the community solidarity and unity.

E. The “ Healing Church”
 The sacrament heals not through any magic or

natural medicinal causes but through “ the prayer of Faith” and “ anointing in the name of the Lord.”
 Christ-

Primordial Sacrament  Church- Foundational Sacrament

Acting within this sacrament of the sick

E. The “ Healing Church”
 The Risen Christ is the Healer

Acting within his body, the Church , which applies the name or power of the “ suffering and glorified Lord” to the sick Christian.
 Anointing

is a sacrament of faith

F. Celebration of the Sacrament
 After

the initial greeting and recommended Penitential Rite similar to the one used in the Mass, the sacrament consists of three distinct actions:

The prayer of faith – in which the community, the people of God represented by the priest, the family, friends pray for those to be anointed. The laying of hands – imitating Jesus’ own gestures of healin and invoking the coming of the Holy Spirit who brings the blessings of God’s healing grace upon the sick person. Anointing with oil – made holy by God’s blessing, signifying the strengthening and healing that comes from the Spirit. Anointing the forehead and hands of the sick.

E. The “ Healing Church”
The priests says: “ through this Holy Anointing may the Lord, in His love and mercy, help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit Amen.” “ May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up. Amen.”

(CF. CCC 1513)

G. Effects of the Sacrament

 Sacrament of Anointing the Sick as providing

Sometimes physical health is restored after receiving the sacrament . If it will be beneficial to the sick person’s situation. The sacrament also offers the sick person forgiveness of sins and completes the salutary penance. Uniting the sick person with the Passion and Death of the Primordial sacrament, Christ the healer.

G. Effects of the Sacrament

 This union with Christ is an ecclesial grace, since the

Churh both intercedes for the sick person, and is in turn blessed by the sick person’s self offering in faith. Thus the Church exercises its role as Foundational Sacrament in the this sacrament of Anointing.

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