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3/3/12 .The IDEA campaign showcases how mobile phones can be used as an efficient tool to  read daily newspapers  generate e-bills  make payments and transactions  issue e-tickets  boarding passes Motto : .thereby saving tonnes of paper everyday.

3/3/12 . Save Paper -IDEA has transformed Mumbai bus shelters into Green covers. with potted plants.The Green bus shelters at Worli. Mission – Paint city green with outdoor media innovations  Use Mobile. Mahim and on the Western Express Highway have already started catching the attention of passersby. and tendril climbers to convey the green message.

Save Paper’.as well as in other day-to-day activities.e.Partnering with  Radio City 91. India’s leading FM brand partners for their innovative environment campaign. through their mobiles and educate listeners on how one can save paper. ‘Use Mobile. They will give out information like stock and sports update. ◦ ◦ National initiative on air Ground activities over a period of 3 weeks. 3/3/12 . movie reviews and city happenings through the ‘M newspaper’ i.1 FM. Radio City RJ’s will also visit homes of listener’s and gift them saplings as a crucial step in making the planet green.    save paper in office and in the corporate environment. As a culmination of the activity.

 E-billing: ◦ Idea Cellular official website Tie up with Some interesting features of this service  Pay your bills through the Internet Pay bills anytime. from anywhere Use any of your bank accounts to pay your bills No Credit / Debit card required Receive free Email / SMS reminders View your bills online 3/3/12 ◦ ◦ .

Bandra Worli Sea link on Thursday. between 8 am to 12 noon 3/3/12 . and the Delhi Noida Direct flyover. Delhi: a free single journey on the DND flyover on 2nd March. 25th February between 8 am to 12 noon. Idea ◦ ◦ sealink: ◦ ◦ Mumbaikars and Delhiites IDEA has come up with a new campaign on Radio urging people to participate in a simple SMS contest which will entitle them to a Code (via SMS) which can then be flashed as their “Mobile ticket” to travel on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai. Mumbai:The first 4.000 people in Mumbai.

26th February. 3/3/12 . February 25. Saket on Friday. Delhi: ‘Idea Film’ to get fee m-tickets for the screening of ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ at PVR Cinemas. 2010. M-ticket: ◦ ◦ Mumbai:200 people who SMS ‘Idea movie’ to 58888 will win free tickets to the screening of movie ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ at PVR Cinemas on Thursday.

Bills: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ partnered with the two leading coffee chains – Barista and Café Coffee Day Allow people to download the menu card and bill on their mobile phones. Bangalore. Mumbai. order summary is displayed and user can view the bill amount for the items ordered. Menu ◦ cards. Over 90 outlets of Barista in Delhi. Save Paper' campaign 3/3/12 . browse through the menu and select the items to be ordered On completion. Chennai. The user will also get a message of the 'Use Mobile. Kolkata. Mumbai and Bangalore Visitors to these coffee outlets can access the mobile application by switching on their BlueTooth through a simple download on their phones. Hyderabad and Pune 75 Cafe Coffee Day outlets in Delhi.

if successful. Explored a solar hybrid solution for running BTS in parts of rural Bihar. this program has the potential of reducing the usage of a regular power generator to Zero. It will reduce the fuel consumption of power generator from running for 15-16 hours to less than 5 hours a day. Currently. The project aims at exploring the usage of Hydrogen as an alternate energy source to power mobile base stations. 3/3/12 . These projects would aim at experimenting alternate energy sources to fuel base stations and reduce operating expenditure for the company.    Strengthened their go green initiatives by reducing conventional energy consumption by about 25 percent. Part of the Fuel Cell project. a trial project. initiated by our Group. Utilized the concept of sharing telecom infrastructure to reduce the collective carbon foot print of the telecom sector in India.

Initiatives by Competitors  E-billing  Use of renewable sources of energy  Use of i-pads 3/3/12 .

ü For billing. it has partnered with Atos Origin ü For prepaid billing solution is from Bharti Telesoft ü For Roaming solution is from Roamware 3/3/12 . transition and migrate existing Spice cellular services. Demerge its passive infrastructure ü idea demerge its passive infrastructure to its wholly owned subsidiary Idea cellular Towers Infrastructure.  Outsourcing ü IBM will integrate.

 Fixed ü Cellular Terminals (FCT) IDEA FCT is a single line PSTN simulation made available on GSM network 3/3/12 .

Financials  ARPU: ◦ ◦ ◦ Airtel:198 (June-11) Vodafone: 177 Idea : 160  Market ◦ ◦ ◦ Capital (crores) Airtel : 133 995 Idea: 27214 Rcom: 15108 3/3/12 .

32  P/E: 18. Current ◦ price: 80.82 Industry P/E: 18.88 3/3/12 .

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