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Definition of Export

A process of earning profit by selling products to foreign markets


Rice Exporters

Rice Importers

Selected Kind Of Rice

Super Basmati Length 7.45 mm Width 1.62 mm Thickness 1.51 mm Classification Extra Long Grain

Rice Processing

Seed Distribution Paddy Selection Husking Warehousing Cleaning Whitening and Polishing Grading Color sorting Packaging

Seed Distribution
Visits different areas and meet farmers to discuss plans for upcoming crop. Distributes carefully selected healthy and pure seeds amongst farmers free of cost. Literature in local language is also distributed amongst farmers giving them specific instructions on issues like use of fertilizers & pest-control.

Paddy Selection
Inspection by a team of experienced selectors and paddy-experts. Tests for moisture contents Samples are processed


The selected Basmati paddy is then allowed to slowly reduce its moisture by natural-sun-drying-method, to achieve optimum moisture content for husking.


Stocks of brown basmati rice are stored in wellventilated and spacious warehouses During the period stocks remain in warehouses, these are subjected to regular inspection and fumigation from time-to-time


This is a multi-step process where foreign material like straws, mud balls, threads, stones, paddy and metal particles are removed from the rice.

Whitening and Polishing

In whitening machines in several passes to ensure efficient removal of bran. Number of passes depends upon the degree of whiteness required. Rice is allowed to pass through mist polishers which impart an extremely clean and glossy white appearance to the kernels


Through this process broken rice is separated from head rice to a very high percentage of accuracy

Color sorting

The final step in rice processing is color sorting. This is aimed at to remove discolored grains from processed rice to give the final product a uniform-color look.

Most modern electronic bagging scales are used to ensure high degree of accuracy in weighing. i) Cardboard / Paper-sack ii) Polypropylene iii) Cotton iv) Jute

Export flow Chart

Paddy rice (raw form) Add Labor Rice Milling rate Less (brokerage) Actual rate Processing Cleaning+ Husking(4.5/kg) Double Polishing(4.25/kg) = Rs550/40kg = 70 = 620 = 827

= =

180 170

Packing(0.5/kg) Total Cost

= =

1177 20 1197

Freight Charges(20ft Container)

Lahore to Karachi Shipment (Karachi to Dubai) $350 Total C&F $ 570 So 20ton Less Inland Shipment Rice Cost (500 x 1200) Gross Profit = = = = = = = = = Rs11000 21700 32700 Rs35340/T 706800 (11000) (21700) (600000) Rs72100

Description of actual consignment

Pro forma Invoice Letter of credit Documents attached Specification & weight Invoice Custom copy Quality clearance certificate Fumigation certificate

Certification of survey fumigation weight and Packing Packing list Shipping company Pakistan Goods Declaration certificate Health certificate Bill of lading Certificate of Origin Bill of exchange