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 JA was positioned as an Airline for business travellers.CASE FACTS: JET AIRWAYS  First Indian Airline to issue shares to the public. for technical excellence. for disabled etc.  Introduced value added services like food for pets. .  Received “Pride in Excellence” award.  System of feedback for checking quality of services.

 Assets of all nine Co‟s were transferred to: Indian Airlines Corporations (IA) Air India International (Air India)  In 1995 Gopinath started Deccan Aviation Private LTD.CASE FACTS :AIR DECCAN  In 1953. .the Air Corporations Act came into force.  Air Deccan was the first low cost airline started in year 2003.

 JA „s inflight entertainment was also ranked best in industry. .CASE FACTS (contd.  Air Deccan economy class tickets were 50% less than others.)  Air Deccan „s business model was inspired by low cost model by US based Southwest Airlines.  Air Deccan employed multilingual airhostess.  JA „s catering services were widely applauded.

 JA‟s faced the problem of high fares during competition.  JA ignored middle class people & focused on business travelers.SAP ISSUES : JET AIRWAYS  Due to high competition JA faced high revenue problems.  Turnover of pilots to Kingfisher Airlines. .

SOLUTIONS OF THE ISSUE: (By Jet Airlines)  To focus on middle class. . they initiated “Apex Fare Scheme”. JA‟s announced check fares which were 30 to 40 % lower than regular fares.

• Recognition & rewards and involvement in recreational activities.OUR OWN ANALYSIS: In case of Jet Airways: • To avail the problem of middle class scheme adopted by JA‟s “Apex Fare Scheme” was adequate. .

.SAP ISSUES : AIR DECCAN  Due to accidents.  Due to entrance of private players.  AD‟s delay in flights. turnover rate was high. safety issue were raised.

.  To decrease the turnover rate company started employing on contract basis.SOLUTION OF THE ISSUE: (By Air Deccan)  To avoid accidents. facility of point to point route was availed. they introduced high standards of safety.  To avoid delay .

OUR OWN ANALYSIS: In case of Air Deccan: • Technical competent experts . . • Recognition & rewards and involvement in recreational activities. • Point to point connectivity.

.  Own airline distribution system instead global distributive service.  Trying to opt BSP instead payment gateway.   Planning to operate a point to point route.FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS : AIR DECCAN To capture a market share of 16% in less than 3 years.

2 billion over next 3 years.FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS : JET AIRWAYS  Expanding current markets by increasing frequency of flights. .  Estimated capital expenditure is approx.  Fleet size will increase from 53 aircraft to 79 aircraft  Plans to develop its own maintainence hangers & a pilot training centre.  Strengthen overall network.

“Naresh Goyal” Chairman of JA‟s said that raising funds for execution may be the real challenge . . 14 January 2011)  JA‟s said it will add 49 aircraft over next three to five years.RESEARCH FINDINGS JET AIRWAYS ON BUYING SPREE: (Economic Times .

RESEARCH FINDINGS : MERGER : AIR DECCAN & KINGFISHER (Year 2009)  Vijay Mallya – Kingfisher Airlines picked up 26% stake in Air Deccan. .  Inherent synergies exist between both airlines.  Both can access ground infrastructure.  Both caters to different segments of society and models.

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