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Welcome to The Presentation on Bangladesh Economy

Presented by: Md. Saifur Rahman(MEP09052) Md. Siddiqur Rahman(MEP09053) Mohammed Ziaur Rahman(MEP09056) Muhammad Abu Kawsar(MEP09057) Shelim Sheik(MEP09064)

Introduction of Bangladesh

Basic facts
Official name: Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Achieved independence in 1971 Area 147000 Population 140 million Population growth rate(%) 1.39 Life expectancy(yrs) 66.7 (male 65.6 and female 70.0) Literacy rate 56

85% Muslim, 10% Hindu, rest Buddhist, Christian, Jain etc. State Language: Bangla 75% of the land is alluvial plain land Currency: Taka (1 US Dollar equal to 70 Taka) Parliamentary form of Government. Head of the government - Prime Minister Head of the State President

Capital City, Dhaka

Weather: Hot and humid Temperature: 29 (avg. high) 23 (avg. low) Rainfall: 1900 mm (yearly)

Central Bank- Bangladesh Bank

Currency of Bangladesh

Salient features of Bangladesh Economy

Savings and Investment(% of GDP)

Domestic Savings National Savings Total Investment Public Private 20.01 32.37 24.18 4.63 19.55

GDP Growth Rate

Gross Domestic Product of Bangladesh at Constant market price

Major Sectoral share of GDP

Consumer Price Index

Inflation: Much depends on International Price Situation

The annual average inflation declined to 6.66% in FY 2008-09 from 9.93% of FY 2007-08 On a point-to-point basis, the inflation was 10.82% and 10.11% in July-August of FY2008-09 Inflation decreased to 3.46% and 4.69% respectively in July-August of FY2009-10 Compared to few other developing Asian countries, the rate of inflation in Bangladesh was

Money Supply Growth Rate

The export growth rate in FY 2008-09 as a result, registered a decrease to 10.3% from 15.9% of the previous year

Export Trend from Bangladesh

Export by Major Products Exportable itemsReadymade Garments, Manpower, Raw jute, Sea food, Tea, Leather, pottery, agro product, knitwear etc.

Country-wise Export

Over all Budget Balance

The main challenge will be to sustain development even in the face of economic slump. Special emphasis has been given on PublicPrivate Partnership for employment generation, infrastructure development, increased investment and strengthening private sector.

Balance of payments 2007-2008 (in million US $) Export Earning 14111 Import Payment 21629 Export(% of GDP) 17.7 Import(% of GDP) 24.7 Current Account Balance 1090 Foreign Exchange Reserve USD 10 Billion

Trend of Over all Budget Balance

Govt. Debt from Domestic Sources

Total financing from the domestic sources in the FYs 2006-07, 2007-08, and 2008-09 stood at Tk. 10,094 cr. (2.1 percent of GDP), Tk. 18,855 cr. (3.5 percent of GDP), and Tk. 17,297 cr. (2.8 percent of GDP), respectively.

Govt. Debt from Foreign Sources

In the FYs 2006-07, 200708, and 200809, total financing from the external sources stood at Tk. 4,868 cr. (1 percent of GDP), Tk. 8,903 cr. (1.6 percent of GDP), and Tk. 3,824 cr. (0.6

Govt. Debt from Foreign Sources Contd. ..

Unemployment Trend in Bangladesh

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