Part 3 | Philippines

Dragon Fly

Rizal Leaves the Philippines for the Second Time

he met and befriended a Japanese Law restricting Freedom of the press. On his way to the United States.• On february 3. Dragon Fly . 1888 he left the Philippines for the second time to give peace to his family and friends and to continue the second phase of his leadership and work for his country. Passing through Hong Kong and Japan for a few weeks he made useful observations on the life and culture of the peoples.

• The two easily became friends. The brief friendship between these two Asian champions of press freedom was significant. Greatly impressed by the patriotism of his Filipino friends. they travelled together on the way to london. Techo was to write two novels showing Rizal’s influence. The Big Storm of the Southern Ocean is similar to the Noli Me Tangere and the big Ocean To El Filibusterismo Dragon Fly .

He was frank and daring fellow. especially good at drawing and also exquisite at soldering works.In his travel memories. fond of various arts. We came and went with each other very often. From that time we were together through Anerica and London. and to be imprisoned Dragon Fly . I heard from him that the Spanish government announced to regard him as a political offender and that whoever gained Rizal’s work was to be taken for as his sympathizer. Techo wrote: • I had met him on board the Belgic bound for San Francisco.

. This was an offshoot of an earlier dispute between the friar curate of Binondo and somein the district. A petition signed by several hundred persons.A Public Demonstration Is Another Eye-Opener. a lawyer. Jose Centeno. a public demonstration headed by Doroteo Cortes. took place in manila on march 1. including prominent princepales of Manila and neighboring town was presented to the civil governor of manila. Dragon Fly • A few weeks after Rizal’s departure. for transmittal to the Queen of Spain. 1888.

Several persons who took part in the big public demonstration were either jailed or exiled because the petition was considered subversive or seditios Dragon Fly .Among other things the petitioners asked for the removal of the arcbishop of manila. and the expulsion of the Spanish friars from the country. Pedro Payo.

• The “calamba affair” must have inspired the demonstration. Dragon Fly . And in the faraway places he had chosen to go.planning. Awakening of some kind was becoming noticeable. This was a healthy sign for a peoples that had been sleeping too long. studying. he continued preparing himself-researching.observing. Rizal could see this from afar. writing. What he saw and experienced in his short stay in the country made him a more determined crusader.

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