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 Half a century ago, as lakme took steps into freedom, Lakme, first beauty brand was born. At a time when the beauty industry was at a nascent Stage,

 Lakme tapped into what would grow to be amongst the leading,high consumer interest segments in the Industry that of skincare and cosmetic products.  Lakme has grown to be the market leader in the cosmetics industry .  Lakme today has grown to have a wide variety of products and services that cover all facets of beauty care, and arm the consumer with products.

  A brand that has over 5 decades talked of beauty is none other than Lakm. Launched in 1952, it offered a range of cosmetics with nail polishes & lipsticks from the early 80s Lakm also understands the importance of maintaining and accentuating a womens natural beauty For this it has introduced a range of skincare products from 1987. These ranges have been constantly innovated to bring specialized beauty care With a unique blend of understanding of women of all ages, today, Lakm is all setting trends and dominating the fashion arena.


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Sales and Ad promotion of lakme

In a market where social acceptance and self-denial were the biggest barriers to acceptance of cosmetics, Lakme was the first brand that took the onus of educating the Indian woman and breaking her myth about beauty and beauty products.

In 1981, Lakme launched an ad campaign to help the Indian woman discover not just the fine art of make up but also the beauty that she possessed. With this Lakme followed a series of campaigns, one of them being Promising Looking Good and Feeling Great, with Lakme. Today it manufactures cosmetics, perfumery & formulations thereof. Lakme also provides the complete package with the skin care range and the wide range of colors to spice up the look.

Since the year 2000 Lakme has been setting up Lakme Beauty Salons through franchisee route. Lakme now has about 70 salons in 26 cities across the country. Lakme Beauty Salons provide professional beauty services. The salons not only make good business sense but they nicely strengthen the brand by completing customer contact and experience.

Lakme uses various medium to sell the products. Mediums are television, magazines, events andinternet. Lakme organizes fashion event in that event, company advertise their products. In television media, lakme advertise as commercial for lakme in that, company advertises their products. Lakme also releases magazines there also they are promoting their products.Lakme organizes an event called Lakme fashion week in those event film stars and models are participating, from that company is easily advertise their products. Internet as medium Company has its own website to advertise their products. Website: Sales promotion Lakme Elle 18 offers sales promotion to increase the sales for particular time of period. Companyoffers rebates and discounts on specific products which products are in low sales.









Positioning of Lakme
Lakme is the only brand that can understand the Indian woman's needs. It has a brand personality of someone who takes care of womans beauty needs. It tries to position itself amongst its consumers as a product range that will help them look beautiful. Through Lakme, HUL mostly showcased fresh Indian faces, be it actresses, models or other famous personalities that caters to the beautification needs of not only women in their adult age but in today's context teenagers also. Line extensions of Lakme is in almost all the segments of cosmetic care ranging from hair care to skin care to beauty salons.

Branding of Lakme
As a brand that promises holistic beauty, Lakm has products incorporating the latest technology and inspired by a deep understanding of the Indian woman. HLL, initially marketed Lakme more in Indian market to cater to the domestic market but they are gradually establishing their foothold in overseas markets. Lakme Lever, part of the Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) has opted for a different strategy to market its product launch. The company deployed a bevy of beauty advisors at 1200 Lakme retail outlets across the country to promote its new launchdumping mass media ad campaigns.

Lakme India Fashion Week provides the top tier of the brand communication structure.

Lakme Strawberry Silk Splash Face Wash

Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser Formulated with natural avocado extracts, Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser gently cleans the skin of all surface impurities. Contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin E which condition the skin. Its light moisture based formula, nourishes while it deep cleans the skin

Hairstyling is the art of setting your hair in a particular manner. ., hairstyling is seen as a time consuming process, involving trips to the salon. But with Lakme Hair next, you can get that salon look, at home,  GEL Provides hair with volume, shine and helps hold hair in place.  MOUSSE Helps in giving volume to a hairstyle, especially for thin limp hair.  SPRAY Gives firm hold and finish to the style.  SERUM For shine and tangle - free hair.

 Revlon has a market share of 80% in the premium market.  Lakme is the overall market leader in the colour cosmetic with a wide range of products and prices, both.  The organised colour cosmetics market is estimated at Rs 340 crore currently.  Revlon's sales account for Rs 60 crore of that. Lakme leads the marke with sales of Rs 100 crore.

 Several Multinational companaies such as REVLON,YARDLY,GARNIER,LOREAL entered in the market These companies initially cashed on their international brand  Revlon,Maybellline & Avon with the major part of the rest Other international brand in the sector include LOreal some , of them engaged in the level if marketing model for their products.

Competitor analysis:
Competitors of lakme like Revlon and Maybelline are competing at the upper-mass (premium) end cosmetics spectrum. But, Lakme has a wide range of products and prices overall the market Leader. Ranging of competitors from many multinational companies such as Revlon Modi slugging out to chamber, Maybelline & Avon

Advertising and promotion is crucial for cosmetics and toiletries products, in order to create an awareness of new products and build brand loyalty among consumers. Advertisements in TV and the print media such as newspaper and magazines, especially womens magazines, are very common.

Samples of products should distributed to individual households and products in sachet form are attached to magazines. Free gifts are given during promotion periods and are advertised in the local major newspapers and on the web.