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Muzammil .Brief Introduction & History by Mr.

which were used to create numerous of products. Therefore. Pixar Objective The company’s objective is to develop computer animated feature films that make all types of audiences memorable with characters and stories by using technology and creative talent.Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award winning computer animation studio with the technical. . Pixar's team came up with several software innovations. creative and production capabilities to create a new generation of animated feature films. merchandise and other related products.

4 billion. Ratatouille in 2007. Up and Toy Story 3 make it to the top 50 list of highestgrossing films of all time. commencing with Monsters.Pixar History • Pixar began in 1979 as the Graphics Group. Inc. and Up at #43. • All the films produced by Pixar are among the fifty highest grossing animated films of all time.. with Toy Story 3 at #5. Toy Story 2 in 1999. grossing over $1 billion worldwide) in 2010. the highest-grossing animated film of all-time. The $602 million average gross of their films is by far the highest of any studio in the industry. WALL-E in 2008. up. Ratatouille. Finding Nemo at #25. Finding Nemo. Up and Toy Story 3 are among the only three animated films to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was followed by A Bug's Life in 1998. The Incredible in 2004. Inc. the transaction made Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney. Cars in 2006. part of the Computer Division of Lucas film before it was acquired by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1986. the Incredible. with the notable exception being Cars 2. WALL-E. The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in 2006 at a valuation of $7. Six of the eight have won the award: Finding Nemo. which received substantially less praise than Pixar's previous eleven films. • Pixar has produced twelve feature films. and Cars 2 in 2011. Toy Story 3 (to date. and Toy Story 3. Eleven of the films have received critical and financial success. Monsters. . beginning with Toy Story in 1995. Finding Nemo in 2003. • All eight Pixar films released since the inauguration of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2001 have been nominated for that award. Up in 2009. in 2001.

Under the guidance of Lasseter. an Academy Award-winning director and animator. the company has attracted some of the world's finest talent in this area. a story department and an art department. writing and animating all of . Pixar has built a creative team that includes a department of highly skilled animators. Pixar has been responsible for many important breakthroughs in the application of computer graphics (CG) for filmmaking.• TECHNOLOGY Since its incorporation. Consequently. This team is responsible for creating. CREATIVE TEAM • Pixar's creative department is led by Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter.

1995 1998 1999 2003 2004 .

2006 2007 2008 2009 .

Unfortunately they did not sustain their worth and proved that they may have some good scientist and technician with poor business acumen . but fail to make good business deals from market. and still is a big name but on the contrary.Pixar changes the rules of the game but not the fate. Negotiation is an art to win which Pixar’s did not know. and introduce leading innovative film making technologies but unable to calculate its own business worth. Pixar were mind changers with blowing ideas. Though Pixar had eight most grossing straight hits on record. Although Disney was. Technologically Pixar people were sound and bearded state of the art work qualities and actually in real they turned the coin of film making.

Pixar-Disney Relationship & Facts By Hammad .

the theatrical sequel to Toy Story. In February 1997. produced. 2006. The deal was approved by shareholders of both companies and the merger became effective on May 5. Pixar entered into an agreement with Walt Disney Pictures for the development and production of up to three computer animated feature films to be marketed and distributed by Disney. The five original Pictures under the CoProduction Agreement were A Bug's Life. on an exclusive basis. Finding Nemo.In May 1991. 2006. was released in November 1999. Pixar entered into an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to merge the two companies. Inc. Pixar entered into a new Co-Production Agreement with Disney pursuant to which Pixar. Monsters. Toy Story 2. Pixar is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. and distributed.. . and Cars. Ratatouille was subsequently added to the terms of the Co-Production Agreement in January 2006 On January 24. agreed to produce five original computer-animated feature-length theatrical motion pictures for distribution by Disney. and is also included in the CoProduction Agreement. It was pursuant to this agreement that Toy Story was developed. The Incredible.

their films. The studio has won several Academy Awards for their work with computers to create a new generation of films. their partnership with Disney. . Pixar has recently teamed up with Disney to make some of the most successful animated films. Without these technological advances animation films could not be what they are today.DISNEY PIXAR SUCCESS Pixar has become one of if not the most successful animation studios of our time. In this article I will discuss Pixar's purpose. The studio has been recognized for their innovation of computer graphics for the film making industry. and their success as a studio. technological advancements in the animation film.



8% 15.7.2% .8% Pixar PDI /Dream PDI Disney Fox 27.5% 43.4% 5.

. all culture Pixar continuously raises the bar for itself that is because there is no other movie studio on the same level as Pixar. Pixar has turned in to one of the competent business in the film industry with emphasis into its company resources. emotion. The movies play to all audiences. Pixar success is attributed to its innovation of computer animation . all genders.The financial instability of Pixar was due to the cooperation and co-ordination of the company leader and employee. Company faced the problem because of the management because they criticized the movies themselves some times and then the sequel has been beset by bad words. cleverness and strong value. It was the original innovator in CGI-based technology for animation and every single one of its movies has been highly acclaimed and very successful.holders. Each movie this studio pumps out is wrought with comedy. and all cultures.The movies should focus to all audiences. The financial instability of Pixar was due to the cooperation and co-ordination of the company leader and employee more than the share. all genders.

Strategic Move. Applications & Creative Brief By Saleema .

We are big believers that Disney buying Pixar would be a smart strategic move that could have very positive intermediateterm financial returns for Disney. .

•Upper left because they were very organized & precise in their work Blue Water Strategy Pixar lies in blue water strategy because they have included plenty of Creative thinking in their animated movies. .Utilization of Brain in Pixar Pixar management lies in Upper right & Upper left •Upper right because they were creative & technical in their work.

Tied to Movie •Reliable Hit Movies From The Pixar Film Studio . •Talented Leadership and Team at Pixar •Merchandise Sales . because they know it will be good.Pixar •High Quality Movie Production and Storyline •Customer Loyalty is a Pixar Strength •Families see Pixar movies. Customer loyalty is strong.Step 01: The Strategic Playing Field SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH •Advance Animation Technology at Pixar •Very Popular Brand Name .

WEAKNESS •Long Development Time Needed for Movies •High Cost of Producing Films at Pixar •Limited Annual Movie Releases Increase Revenue Volatility •Financial risks for huge projects OPPORTUNITIES •International Movie Audience is Growing •Pixar could collaborate or partner with a distribution company so that each company could focus on what they did best. •Make their own Music Channel •Make their own School of Graphic & Training Institute .

THREAT •Competitors: National. Regional & Global •Creativity & Innovation •Digital Piracy Could Decrease Sales of Pixar Movies •Other Animated Studios Could Threaten Pixar Competitors •Disney •PDI / DreamWorks •Blue Sky Studio / Fox .

. Just because it is an animation studio doesn't mean animation or their target audience is just kids.Step 02: Your Target’s Profile Pixar's target audience is not kids. Children and parents and they have mastered their interaction Step 03: Pixar Goal: •More than one film once a year. To be the leader in animated movies.

Online Comments & feedback from masses. Best feed back will get Best Prize on Quarter basis News letter to be issued .Step 05: Creative Input Develop Video Games and Online Media to Enhance Movie Exposure and Sales Develop video games & online movies.

animated & lighting) Ring Master & Rende-men (Production management Software system) Pixarvision (Laser Recording System for Film) In 1991 Pixar merged with disney due to shortage of finance & it seems successful merger with Disney a popular brand but by merging pixar have been losing its own identity in the market. to produce computer – animated cartoons & full length films.Pixar had been succesfull due to following reasons: The goal of the company was very clear . Who had a long vision of future to going in the field of computer graphic animation and also he had a experiecne of working in Disney. Mariontte (Animated software for Modeling . . Pixar developed three ground breaking softwares. Pixar had been so succesful due to its valuable assets like Ed Catmull who was experienced & have done advancement in Computer graphics & John Lassester had done doctoral thesis in 1974.

. Musical or Comedy Listering”Arrows”Commercial. earned Academy award nomimation for best short film In 1988 another Tin Toy became first computer animated film to win an academy award for best short film.Achievements of Pixar Before Merger With Disney: Oscar for best visual effects for producing Ten films out of eigtht. Pixar Short film in 1986 First movie Luxo Jr.(TV ads) Gold Clio Award in 1994 for its Listerine”Arrows”Commercial. Achievements of Pixar After Merger With Disney: Gold medal Clio awards for its lifesavers”Conga” Commercial in 1993. (TV ads) Academy Award merit in 2001 for significant advanmcement in the field of motion picture. (TV ads) Golden Globe Award in 1999 for its best Picture.

The Percentage of Pixar shows: 6 /13 = 46.4 Competing Animation MoviesPixar was not competing with its competitors since 1998 to 2008 .15% (6 times top out of 13 years) Although it was on top 6 times (from 1992 to 2007) world wide for Grossing Animation movies but from the Exhibit 5. From Case study: This Chart shows that Pixar had been on the top in years which are bold.Analysis: From the below given information which is taken from Top 13 Grossing Animation Movies.

S.No Year Firm 1 1992 Walt Disney 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1994 1999 2001 2001 2003 2004 2004 2005 2006 2006 2007 2007 Walt Disney Pixar Pixar PDI Pixar Pixar PDI / Dream works PDI / Dream works Pixar Fox PDI / Dream works Pixar .

Pixar should increase its softwares for animated films. Pixar should have to sell its share all over the world for financing & making its name alone & stand alone in the market of animiated movies.OR Pixar make take loans for some where else like Banks & other main institutions. Pixar should increase their Product line by Online movies. Pixar should introduce timely newsletters for awaring people about their films. Pixar should issues awards for online watching movies.My Opinion: Pixar should not to have a merger with disney because due to this pixar losing his name behind & may put pressure by disney CEO on any projects or proposal as the CEO rejected the Proposal of TV Project. Pixar should have to increase their target all genders & audiences. .

Techniques & Related Techniques By Munnera .

Technique No: 01 CHECKLIST •Why is it necessary •Where should it be done? •When should it be done? •Who should do it? •What should be done? •How should it be done? .

Technique No: 02 ATTRIBUTE LISTING Feature Animations 3d effects Sound Characters Attribute Eye Catching Reality 3d Sound Kids Interest Ideas TV Channel 4d effects Sound Tags Video Games .

Technique No: 03 MORPHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS Material Models Lighting Layout Film Recording Sound Effects Picture Processes Movies Where Use Films Studios Dramas Websites Art Purpose Education Technology Research And Development Magic Security Healthy Activities Online Movies Models + Website + Education= Kids Educations Website + Movies = Online Movies Technology + Art = Magic Pixar believe in a swirling interplay between art and technology and constantly try to use better technology at every stage of production. .


Models. Cartoons. Graphics.Technique No: 05 Heuristic Ideation Technique (H. Streaming.T) Animated Studios: (Factors: Characters. Marketing. User Friendly.I. Education. 3D Effects . Sound effects. Informative online games. Entertainment) Website: (Factors: PayPal. ) . Easy Access. Availability. Animations. Music.

Making the first computer-animated film Create Magic .

The Pixar were strong in their strategy to consider the cast of production of an unprofitable movie. is the profit generated by particular movies to particular groups to segments because profit margin were greater than competitors are the sign of financial health. . Just to give a Creative value to Customers. Pixar wants to take the advantage from Disney because of its brand name. Disney. That thing is very clearly we have seen on recent box office success such as Academy Awards Ratatouille. The Pixar gradually reached to the level of maturity in profitability & than gave route to one of its competitors.Pixar merged with Disney because at that time Pixar is going down & he thinks he did not merged with the Disney than the time is gone. Keeping this view of all the parameters or making sure the most profitable items are widely available. The Pixar very significantly calculated the basic measures of a business success in it possibility. Wall-E. . Thus Pixar had upper level and edged over the competitor by virtue of having the important type of information . how much it earn after expenses. By negotiated its contract with Disney. In my view the Disney Pixar case seems to be very good example of successful mergers in progress.

Processes. Opportunities. Conclusion & Rec By Adil .

D: Define Goals To overcome financial issues & make good profits. .I: Identify problem & opportunity Pixar identifies that they are facing financial problems but they have opportunity to solve this problem to work with Disney. E: Explore Possible Strategies They have explored possible working strategies with Disney in a new way. L: Looking back results of Previous Contract Pixar’s team looks back the result of previous contract and have learned to make a contract in their own favor. A: Anticipate outcomes & Act They anticipate their previous contract outcomes & have to act accordingly.

They contract Disney and Disney approves their proposal & Pixar creatively turns its competitor into its opportunity to solve the finance problem. .Pixar has fallen into the serious problem of finance and this is a very big problem for them that time to how to pass away from this problem they think & got the idea that why they don’t go to work with Disney which is a giant of industry.

STEP 1: INITIATE IDEA He joined the computer science program at the university and initiates the idea of computer graphics to the university students. STEP 4: INTEGRATE Later on the integrates his creativity in different production lines and makes the Pixar star. STEP 2: DEVELOP Many young stars & experts attracted and joined him to promote his idea STEP 3: INTRODUCE After developing good team he started & introduces his production studio. .

.• The big mistake which Pixar made is not Patent his innovative Idea after which everyone copy them.

but they could not cash their name in the market by making some more innovative products. they again approached Disney for renegotiation of their agreement even Disney’s CEO ED Eisner was not interested in the same. as they made big fame & money from their projects of Toy Story. After hitting eight straight hits they became one of the leaders of the industry. by creating more animation software’s like before.In my opinion the secret behind the tremendous growth of Pixar is their marvelous & creative TEAM WORK. However there is a draw back in there planning. Cars. Their innovations make them leaders of Computer animation film industry. Despite starting something their own. Like they have the opportunity to cater commercials market. So they have to maintain their stability that time but their lake of futuristic approach laid down them & they sold a big brand . A bug’s Life. Finding Nemo etc. & they could also make computer games using their innovative thinking but they did not do the same. due to the lack of confidence and finance. Even that was the right time for them to get started something their own.

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