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The Voice Trainee Academy at Kwicksol Technologies Limited
By:- Kanika Gupta Pranshu Ruchi Singh Sheetal Choudhary Sonam Srivastava Sonali

Europe and Asia pacific. • Employing more than 15000 employee in 3 locations in India. 2 .Amity Business School CASE FACTS Kwicksol Technologies Limited ( KTL): • It is a leading business services and technology solutions provider in India. • 80% of its total revenue comes from voice based call center services. • It has a clients based in USA.

• The revenue is based on Headcount. grammar etc. Communication skill is the most important attribute required by tele-callers in terms of voice quality. accent. 3 .Amity Business School • As most of its revenue comes from voice based call centre services it deals with back end process like selling services and dealing with customer queries. • All its clients are financial services companies.

2. • To solve this problem KTL came up with the concept of voice trainee academy(VTA). They are as follows: 1. 4 . Criteria of VTA includes that they would conduct a voice test and categories them based on the scores received.Amity Business School • The company faced a problem as young graduates who possessed strong communication skills did not aspire for a job in call-centers as there is no scope for career growth. VMED : candidates with average communication skills. VOK : candidates with excellent communication skills.

VMED candidates were only given stipend and were not employed as regular employee. Top management was not satisfied with categories and devised the following strategy: 1. 2. VNOK : candidates with poor communication skills. 5 . • Conversion rate of VMED candidates was around 70% but 30% failure rate in VMED was quite high and in VNOK the rate was only 10%.Amity Business School 3. • Company suffered heavy losses. VNOK candidates were not given any stipend but they had to undergo 3 months training.

Amity Business School WHAT SEEMS TO HAVE GONE WRONG WITH THE VOICE TRAINING PROGRAM AT KTL?WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES FACING THE ACADEMY? • KTL find its recruitment model to be non-scalable. 6 . • Youngster having good communication skills did not aspire for the job as a call center (tele -caller).

• KTL would conduct voice test on potential candidates and categorize them based on the score received.Amity Business School • KTL found itself unable to hire adequate telecallers resulting in the loss of business. 7 .

• Base pay and compensation is very low and working hour is more { i.Amity Business School Challenges: • KTL wouldn’t have taken category VNOK and only have chosen potential employees. 8 . • There should be some scope of career growth in call centers. • KTL should appoint his best employee as a trainee. • It can award his good employees and hence retain them.e. 50hrs a week }.

Amity Business School Can the VTA make a significant contribution to the staffing needs of KTL? In order to do so what changes are necessary in the operations and training programs being conducted by the Trainee Academy at KTL? • Yes. 9 . • The trainer should gathers the information on whether the training is clearly understood by an employee or not. VTA can make a significant contribution to the staffing needs for the KTL.

skills etc. 10 . so. that the individual has a positive attitude to learn and grasp more. • They also take an initiative to know more about the subject and should always be eager to learn more.Amity Business School • The objective during observations is to identify both the strengths to build on and the deficiencies to overcome. • Program should be made to stress on the importance of attitude.

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