Hyperion Planning 2.0 Product Overview

Hyperion Planning 2.

Product Overview

What is Hyperion Planning? 
Hyperion Planning is a Web-based, multi-tiered budget and planning solution built on Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server.  Hyperion Planning is a comprehensive approach for the complete and closed-loop planning process that drives continuous business improvement.  Hyperion Planning offers an efficient and optimized budget planning process to all levels within an organization. All decision makers and line-level managers can communicate together giving them the ability to make budget plans relevant and useful.

 Provides a framework for perpetual planning. .  Lowers the total cost of ownership through a shorter roll out and implementation phase.  Promotes modeling by including complex business rules and allocations. with attention to managing volatility and frequent planning cycles.Features & Benefits of Hyperion Planning  Facilitates collaboration.  Maximizes employee involvement in the business planning process. and control across multidivisional global enterprises. communication.

Marketing Director of Marketing Objective: To increase corporate potential from the product side Solution: Detailed Budgeting of Products. Currency Support Mr. Sales Director of Sales Objective: To increase revenue and maximize sales potential Solution: Customer Budgeting. Customer Modeling (identify. Adv.Hyperion Planning and Corporate Objectives Mr. Bottom Up Enterprise Budgeting Mr. CEO CEO Objective: To align all corporate goals Solution: Business Unit Consolidations. Advertising and Promotion Planning Mr. DRIVERS) . Finance CFO Objective: To improve profitability by analyzing corporate spending and revenue Solution: HP Calendar supports 5-4-4. 12 Month.

Hyperion Planning Budgeting Process  The Hyperion Planning Process lets users track the progress of a budget from any level in the organization using a Webbased client. First Pass (Not) Signed Off Under Review Approved .

Planning Process Options With the Hyperion¶s Planning Process users can:  Approve a planning unit from any process state  Track the approval path independently  Add annotations and comments at each pass through the review process  Identify accountability through ownership  Audit information through annotations and process status .

The Hyperion Planning Process Start Promote Sign-off Promote Approve Not Started First Pass Under Review Sign-off Promote Signed Off Approved Reject Not Signed Off Exclude Approve .

Planning Units  A Planning Unit is the combination of scenario¶s. Planning Unit diagram . versions. and entities.

and Time. . Scenarios.  View the status of Planning Units ± The web client interface can check the status of Planning Units  Start the reviewing process ± The reviewing process is started and Planning Unit states begin. Entities.Hyperion Planning Unit Features  Create Planning Units -.The Planning Desktop tool can create Dimensions. Currencies.

Hyperion Planning Multi-tier Architecture Data Tier Relational Business Rules Desktop Admin Hyperion Reports Web Client Excel Add-In Middle Tier Client Tier Application Link Essbase .

 Create and manage forms.  Setup email notifications.  Check and manage planning status.  Copy scenarios between versions types.  View history and annotations.  Manage all aspects of the planning cycle.Hyperion Planning Web Client Features Web based Client-Tier  Enter data and manage processes.  Assign security.  Set business rules. .

Hyperion Planning Web Client .

Hyperion Planning Excel Add-in Features Excel Add-in Client-Tier  Enter. analyze and report planning data through Excel.  Assign business rules to planning types.  Create budget templates using Excel worksheets. .

Hyperion Planning Excel Add-in .

(5-4-4.  Easy time dimension setup. (over 30 types)  Uses metadata for all changes to Essbase.  Set Business Rules. .  Assign security.  Application design tools.Hyperion Planning Desktop Features Client\Server Middle-Tier  Application wizard. 12 Month calendar)  Easy Currency conversions.  Performance tuning  Custom dimension management.

Hyperion Planning Desktop .

Copy Data are all stored in one logical rule file. .Hyperion Business Rules¶ Features HBR Middle-Tier  Create standard business logic for Hyperion Planning  Items like Clear data.  Integrated throughout Hyperion Planning¶s client applications.  Command scripting for automation of business rules. Perform aggregations.

Hyperion Business Rules .

 Hyperion Planning comes with AL building block.  ODBC. Hyperion Planning Extract Transfer Load Source data . ERP (SAP/JDE) connectors supported. Text Files.Hyperion Application Link Features ETL tools Data-Tier  ³Building Blocks´ are used to organize connections.  Script language for automating data loads.  Offers formula¶s for data transformation.

Hyperion Application Link .

Hyperion Essbase Server Features Essbase Data-Tier  Industry market leader in OLAP databases (based on revenue)  Strong analytic calculation engine.  Script language for automating processes like data calculations. .  Security filters.  Multi-dimensional data storage (MOLAP). and command executions.

Hyperion Essbase Server .

 Hyperion Planning is easy to use and offers a powerful web client interface with many features. (Data Entry and Process Management)  Hyperion Planning allows companies to leverage existing technologies while saving implementation and operation costs.  Hyperion Planning can give a standard process to the daunting task of enterprise planning and budgeting.(Hyperion Planning Process) .  Hyperion Planning is an enterprise budgeting solution which satisfies many budgetary requirements within an organization.Conclusion  Hyperion Planning is a powerful budgeting tool designed to save operating cost during the budgeting and planning process.

Question and Answer Session To discuss how Hyperion Planning fits within your organization please contact Dimensional Technologies at contact@dimensionaltech.dimensionaltechnologies. www.com Or go to our web site for more information about the services we provide.com .

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