When To Use Each Word For Places And Time

× Use "in" with: Änames of ¿cities/towns-Suwon. England . south-west ¿countries-China. north-east. Canton. Jeollanam-do ¿regions-north. Seoul ¿states/provinces-Gyeonggi-do. Japan.

months. eras or periods of time ÄIn 2 weeks. . minutes. hours. ÄIn September. years. ÄIn the 1990¶s. decades. days. weeks.× Use "in" with: ÄSeconds. centuries.

ÄIn the bank ÄIn school ÄIn the English Zone ÄIn the library .×Use in with buildings and rooms.

×Use 'in' with bodies of water: Äin Äin Äin Äin the water the sea a river a lake ×Use 'in' with lines: Äin a row Äin a line .

×In Incheon. ×In July ×In 2010. ×In Korea. ×In school.×In class. . ×In two weeks.

×Use "at" for places Äthat are not in view when speaking .

×Use "at" with specific times: ijAt´ 10:35 ijAt´ Noon ijAt´ a quarter to six. (5:45) .

×At home. .×At six (6) o¶clock. ×At Michael¶s house. ×At a quarter past five. ×At 5:15.

On Friday Ädates ¿On April 20.×Use "on" with: Ädays of the week ¿On Monday. 1982«. Äholidays ¿On Children¶s Day ¿On Valentines Day .

×Use 'on' with surfaces: Äon the ceiling / on the wall / on the floor ×Use 'on' with directions: ÄIt¶s on the left. ÄIt¶s on the right. .

×Use "on" for electronics: ÄOn the radio ÄOn the internet ÄOn television (TV) ÄOn the computer ÄOn the phone .

×On Monday. ×On the desk.×On the floor. ×On Christmas. ×On July 22nd. ×On the internet. ×On Chuseok. .

bed . . ÄThey're sitting on the bed.thought of as surface when used as a seat . ÄHelen is still in bed.thought of as an enclosed area when used for sleeping ×We say "on the bed" when it¶s a surface.×We say "in bed" when sleeping.bed . .

×morning / afternoon / evening / night ÄIn the morning ÄIn the afternoon ÄIn the evening Ä BUT we say 'at nightµ .

×Transportation ÄOn the« Ä bus / train / subway / airplane / boat ÄIn the car/taxi .

¿I like sugar µin¶ my coffee. ¿I like salt µ__¶ my soup.×Food and drinks ÄWe put things µon food¶ but we put things µin drinks¶ ¿I like butter µon¶ my bread. ¿Pepper µon¶ my steak. .

let¶s review .

but not too much. .×I like salt ______ my soup.

.×I¶m going to my cousin¶s house ______ Saturday.

.×We get ______ the bus every morning ______ seven o¶clock and go to school.

×The meeting is ______ Tuesday ______ 9:00 ______ the morning. .

.×We live ______ a small city ______ the north-east of the country.

.×I heard a song I like ______ the radio.

×We were walking ______ the beach when we decided to go ______ the water. .

×How much sugar do you put ______ your coffee? .

.×We were sitting ______ the bed talking for a little while.

×We¶ll be back ______ about 11:00 ______ night. .

.×She hasn¶t spoken to him ______ a few days.

×We¶ll be back ______ about 4:00 ______ the morning. .

×It¶s _____ the table _____ the kitchen. .

×She said she¶d call him ______ a couple days. .

×He said he would call her _____ Tuesday. .

.×We put the books ___ a box __ the shelf.

×I'm going skiing _____ Christmas. .

×When we got ___ the train it was 7:00 ___ night. .

×He left his coat ___ the restaurant. .

.×They walked the beach____ sunset.

.×The stars shine ____ night.

.×Her family goes to church ___ Sunday mornings.

×There is a bee ___ the wall ___ the kitchen. .

×The flowers ___ your garden are very beautiful. .

×The flowers ___ your garden are very beautiful. .

×I'm going to Vietnam ___ August. .

.×The bus leaves ___ five minutes. hurry up.

.×I was born ____ 1982.

×He met her ___ London ___ February. .

.×They are ___ line ___ Lotte Cinema.

×Who is ___ the door? .

.×They said they would meet him ___ the corner of Maple Street and Oak Street.

×They said they would meet him ___ the corner of Maple Street and Oak Street. .

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