“ There is No Landscape Too Large to Change, No Dream Too Big or Small to Fulfill “

“There’s no landscape too large to change, No dream too big or small to fulfill.”


Ayala Land Inc. Company Snapshot

Ayala Land Inc operates in the Sub dividers and developers sector. Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) is a Philippines-based real estate company. The Company's business segments include Residential, Growth Centers, Shopping Centers, Hotels and Resorts, and Offices. In 2010 Residential launched 10,115 residential units, the most number of residential units in the Company's history. It also expanded into new geographies and began to build its presence in five new growth centers outside Mega Manila, in Subic, Baguio, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Palawan.

Stock Data  Recent Stock Performance: Current Price (2/3/2012): 18.60 (Figures in Philippine Pesos)

Recent Stock Performance: 1 Week: 5.1% 4 Weeks: 19.1% 13 Weeks: 17.7% 52 Weeks: 23.0%

Ayala Land Inc Key Data:  Ticker: ALI  Country: PHILIPPINES  Exchanges: PHL  Major Industry: Financial  Sub Industry: Land And Real Estate

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2010 Sales: 35,408,440,000 (Year Ending Jan 2011). Employees: 1,986 Currency: Philippine Pesos Market Cap: 242,602,771,945 Fiscal Yr Ends: December Shares Outstanding: 13,043,159,782 Share Type: Common
Closely Held Shares: 7,015,472,935

“Enhancing Land and Enriching Lives, for More People”

Our vision is to enhance our standing and reputation as the Philippines’ leading real estate developer, and to be a strong partner in nation building. By developing integrated, master planned and sustainable mixed-use communities in vibrant growth centers all over the country, we strive to continually elevate the quality of life for all of our customers. We shall be a responsible corporate citizen and act with integrity, foresight and prudence. We shall empower our employees to deliver products that exceed our customers’ expectations and build longterm value for our shareholders.

The Ayala Land Inc. is committed to being the real estate industry leader in environmental sustainability and energy management, both for our clients and ourselves. Our capabilities give us the opportunity to drive change that minimizes the impact of commercial real estate on the environment.

The Ayala Land Inc. is focus on creating and maintaining a rewarding and welcoming workplace for our people around the world. We strive to attract and retain the most talented individuals, encouraging and enabling them to succeed.

The Ayala Land Inc. fosters an inclusive environment that values the richness of our differences and reflects the diverse world in which we work. By cultivating a dynamic mix of people and ideas, we enrich our service capabilities and the communities in which we operate.

The Ayala Land Inc. endeavors to be good citizens wherever we live and work.


Chairman of the Board

Director and member of the Executive Committee

President of Ayala Land, Inc.



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Board member

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Independent director

Director for Social Director and Corporate Secretary Development



FOUR CATEGORIES: Personal development, Health and safety • Community Stewardship • Environmental Stewardship • Market Shaping

Sports, Health and Wellness . Our people engage in a variety of sports and wellness

activities. Basketball, bowling, volleyball, running, golf, badminton and scuba diving are just some of the many Company clubs that have thrived through the years. With regards to health care, all employees of the Company and its subsidiaries undergo annual physical exams and routine flu shots and receive timely information on prevention of serious diseases, such as the AH1N1 virus, Hepatitis, HPV and cervical cancer, and Dengue fever.

Health and Safety Committee. During the first Ayala Sustainability Summit last

November, the Ayala Group of Companies expressed their belief in the relevance and importance of Emergency and Disaster Management Planning in sustaining the business. Moving forward, the companies agreed on several key initiatives: Establishment of a Centralized Group Disaster Coordinating Center for the collaborative handling of catastrophic events or large emergencies; Development of a Group-wide Disaster Management Plan to draw the framework and basic components in managing disasters affecting Ayala Group employees or properties in an area (e.g., Typhoon Ondoy and resultant flooding); Incorporating disaster management considerations in property or estate design and development (i.e. evacuation areas).

Alay sa Komunidad in NUVALI The “Alay sa Komunidad” was launched in July of 2009 as a program that brings together under one embracing and concerted effort all the CSR initiatives being undertaken for the communities in Barangay Canlubang in Calamba, Laguna and in barangays in Sta. Rosa, also in Laguna. The program was put in motion to help 600 families in the area by raising their level of awareness for opportunities and resources around them, thus empowering them to become self sufficient and progressive communities. As we track the success of Alay sa Komunidad in the NUVALI communities, we will be applying this model to communities surrounding our projects in other areas.


This program has already benefited over 200 community leaders and residents since its inception in 2007. In 2009, we scaled up the program by helping to build capability in more sustainable entrepreneurial endeavors that generate greater income for the communities. In September, we brought 30 leaders and members of PNA and PVP to NUVALI for a seminar on solid waste management and a training session on weaving baskets out of used paper (such as old telephone directories). Following the training session, members of PNA and PVP began taking and servicing orders for their products in time for the Christmas season.

Alay sa Edukasyon We conducted a donation drive among our employees and gathered 300 pairs of shoes. These along with school supply kits donated by NUVALI and the National Bookstore Foundation were distributed to grade one pupils of four public elementary schools in Barangay Canlubang. The employee volunteers participated in the “Brigada Eskwela,” a yearly project to refurbish public schools in time for the start of the school year. A group of 100 volunteers trooped to Putting Lupa Elementary School in Calamba and Canlubang Elementary School to scrub, wash, and repaint the roofs and exterior walls of these schools.

Alay sa Kalusugan
Attendant to the basic health needs of community folk, our External Affairs Division conducted medical and dental missions under the “Alay Kalusugan” program. A total of 200 residents of Sitio Majada, Canlubang and Barangay Sto. Domingo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, benefitted from the program that brings a team of doctors and dental physicians to communities to provide immediate grassroots assistance through consultation on physical ailments and basic tooth extraction. The program also includes sessions that, in a fun and engaging way, teach children proper maintenance of oral hygiene. Around 100 children aged 4 to 6 years participated in these sessions.

Calauan resettlement project

In order to leverage on the key competencies of every Ayala company, Ayala Land is spearheading the site development and construction of homes and social amenities of what would be a future thriving community for more than a thousand families.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is everyone’s concern as we all do our part in fighting climate change. As we grow our business and expand operations, our efforts to control and minimize our carbon impact have become a responsible decision in response to an absolute need. In order to operate at its most efficient level, our various businesses strive to incorporate best practices in the area of energy impact reduction, applying innovative green designs and constantly look for new green technologies to further improve our energy performance. Water Stewardship Our water stewardship efforts go beyond regulatory compliance for water conservation and wastewater treatment. The utilities design of our projects, especially those that were constructed in the past four years, have incorporated greywater reuse- the recycling of treated wastewater effluent for non-potable uses such as flushing toilets, make-up waters for cooling towers, and landscape irrigation. In fact, Ayala Land pioneered greywater reuse in the Philippines when it used treated wastewater from Ayala Alabang’s Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for the irrigation of the village’s golf course.

Solid Waste Management
Ayala Land pioneered the provision of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), a centralized area where garbage are segregated, in all of the company’s properties starting with the malls whose foot traffic of over a million per day has contributed greatly to waste generation. One SWM project that has one a number of awards for the malls is Market! Market!’s recycled bags made from used billboard tarpaulins. The mall has also started to utilize compost by growing a vegetable garden on its rooftop. Over 122 tons of non-traditional wastes such as ink cartridges, car batteries and broken electronics, have also been traded in the Ayala Recyclables Fair, a program held at the malls and organized by the Ayala Foundation Inc. In 2009, Ayala Properties Management Corporation (APMC) launched a PayAs-You-Throw (PAYT) program wherein property occupants pay a variable fee for garbage collection depending on the amount that was collected. This has encouraged more people to segregate their garbage and minimize waste. We are now exploring the use of residual waste in the production of hollow blocks and other concrete products. We are also centralizing the collection of cooking oil used by the mall’s food merchants for conversion to new oil products. And, we are pushing harder at promoting the use of 100% biodegradable plastic bags.

Air Quality Management Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is improved through the use of interior paints and materials that have minimal or no emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Ventilation systems are designed for optimum air exchange, with constant input of fresh air circulating in the buildings.
Green Procurement- The Ayala Group Sustainability Policy expressly mandates us “to include environmental parameters in the accreditation of our suppliers.” The positive results of our supplier survey will make this challenging task easier for all parties concerned. Our Supply Chain Management Division (SCMD) and MDC are taking the lead in our green procurement initiatives. MDC’s Greening the Supply Chain (GSC) Program was formally announced in August 2009 as the highlight of MDC’s 35th Founding Anniversary. We aim to build on our strong partnerships with our suppliers and welcome them on the common road to sustainability. Together, we can dramatically reduce our overall impact on the environment.

Sustainable Construction- Sustainable construction is a critical strategy in our goal of reducing our environmental impact, due to the large-scale nature of our real estate projects which take many years to build. The ALI Construction Management Division (CMD) works in partnership with our construction arm MDC and other general contractors to ensure the quality of construction while being conscious of environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues. MDC’s management systems for quality and EHS are certified to ISO and OHSAS international standards.

Biodiversity Conservation
Anvaya Cove’s rich marine and terrestrial ecosystems and NUVALI’s wildlife and bird sanctuary areas continued to be the focal points of our biodiversity conservation efforts last year. Our project teams took extra steps in ensuring the protection and conservation of these areas with high biodiversity value, estimated at 100 hectares out of Anvaya Cove’s total land area of 320 hectares, and 165 hectares out of NUVALI’s total land area of 1,750 hectares.

In NUVALI, “where people and nature thrive,” our biodiversity conservation program is embedded in the overall masterplan for the project, with clearly delineated no-construction, low-impact, and green buffer zones to protect the areas’ rich biodiversity. The NUVALI Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary and the network of criss-crossing ravines throughout the property are the key areas for protection and conservation.

“Ayala Land has a long and successful history of innovation, and now we
must take the lead again to make sustainability a core element in our business strategy. In two or three years, our market will want real-estate products that help them live more responsibly, and we expect to be ready to give them those products within that time-frame. This requires a sustained effort at product development, built on a deep understanding of what will be needed to achieve our society’s objectives in the 21st century”

Mr. Vincent Y. Tan Group Head, Planning

The Ayala Land continues to develop the social infrastructures and programs that will empower the communities to raise their standard of living. These are some continuous programs of ALI together with the Ayala Foundation that will provide sustainable and attainable environment: GILAS- which aims to provide internet facilities in all public schools across the country. CENTEX-operates 2 public schools and continue to provide quality education to over 800 students across the country AYALA YOUNG LEADER- development of future leaders who could influence our country.

Working with your local community brings a wide range of benefits. For many businesses, local customers are an important source of sales. By improving your reputation, you may find it easier to recruit employees. A good relationship with local authorities can also make your life easier. For example, some local authorities prefer to award contracts to businesses with a record of community involvement.
There are many ways to get involved. Some businesses choose to support a local charity, or sponsor a local event. It makes commercial sense to get involved in an activity related to your product. This lets you use your expertise as well as showing the human face of your business. For example, some restaurants provide food to local homeless groups, while builders may give free labor and materials to community projects. Look for opportunities that will directly benefit you - for example, by generating publicity, or improving the neighborhoods around your premises.

Many businesses involve their employees in working with the local community. For example, you might support charities chosen by employees. Some businesses encourage employees to volunteer for community activities and also give them paid time off for this. As well as improving your community relations, this can help motivate employees and can help develop their interpersonal and team participation skills.
You could also give your employees the option of making regular charitable donations which are deduced 'at source' from their pay.

According to Mario Deriquito who is the director for Ayala Land Inc. Director for Social Development:
1. One of the challenges that we have faced is the challenge of infrastructure. 2. No electricity in those places resulting having a hard time to provide computers and internet . 3. Public high schools could not be reached yet by the internet because the telecom companies in the country were not yet able to reach the remote areas. 4. Whole provinces without telco infrastructure like the province of Aurora, and to a large part, the province of Palawan. 5.The curriculum of the Department of Education as far as IT is concerned is not yet that well developed. 6. The other challenge is sustainability. Because our resources are limited, we can only provide schools with what we call starter sets—10 computers, a server and free access to the internet for one year. 7. Find the resources to pay for the electricity, to pay for the monthly service fee of the internet and upgrade the hardware.

Ayala Land Incorporated is enriching the lives of many people. Their duties and responsibilities which involve Corporate Social Responsibilities are Community Services, Social Development, Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction, Health and Safety, and most importantly is Education. Community service they do like planting trees, feeding the people, giving them clothes and shelter. In Social development they are training their people for entrepreneurial endeavors for them to make a living. Environmental stewardship and Impact reduction they do Solid Waste Management, Energy and Water Conservation. For Health and Safety, most of the time they do Medical and Dental Missions. And lastly is Education in which they are educating the people especially the young ones because they believe that the children are our future, but it doesn’t end there they are the one who provides them school supplies and uniforms from their shoes up to their writing materials.

Aside from pioneering Ayala Land and ensuring that the residents could enjoy the ease of convenience living Ayala Land must improve their goals of development that will make more unique amongst those in the business of developing land. Ayala Land’s special openness to provide spaces for people, spaces which engender a vibrant life between buildings, spaces that are green and sustainable, and spaces that are as flexible as Filipinos culture.

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