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Employee Engagement + Employee Communication= A STRONG PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE


• A successful employee engagement strategy helps create a community at the workplace and not just a workforce. Page 2 . employees cannot be kept busy. productive and engaged.INTRODUCTION • When there is lack of communication in the organization.

productivity. Page 3 . including increased profitability. customer metrics and safety levels. employee retention. Hence effective engagement communication is a key part of any internal communications strategy.• High levels of employee engagement in an organization are linked to superior business performance.

Employee engagement approaches for all employees • Communications activities • Reward schemes • Activities to build the culture of the organization • Team building activities • Leadership development activities Page 4 .

and always keep an open mind about the best way of reaching people.• Employee communications get results because there is team strategic thinkers with creative sparks . Page 5 .


. • People • Communication • Process Page 7 . three components are required viz.• EXPLANATION: • For effective employee engagement.

• Example: • Employee engagement in action: Sun Microsystems Page 8 .

A core product is the Engaging ideas card pack.One of the method which will help businesses discover.Few Engaging Ideas 1. Page 9 . design. and deliver ever better ways to inspire employee engagement and change to accomplish higher business performance.

2. Snap Video is a type of desktop alert that lets you deliver video directly to employees’ computers. Work with managers to make the messages as relevant as possible to different groups of staff. Page 10 .Communicate visually. 4. 3.

6. secure and targeted.5. MakeInternal Social Media tools easy. 7. Reinforce understanding and develop local context. Expand Self awareness. Page 11 . Use the pop-up Staff Quiz to ask scenario questions to reinforce understanding and local context.

8. Employees need to feel informed of. and involved in. 9. Involve employees. 10. a company’s direction in order to support and actively promote whatever that direction may be. For example.Show how feedback is being used. by asking them to name new ways of working Page 12 .

Not Communicating or Communicating late can damage engagement Page 13 . 12.11. Department highlights. Ensure employees hear the messages from the business as soon as possible.

to understand what’s really going on.13. Two way internal communications channels such as the pop-up Staff Survey tool and the Internal Social Media channels make it easy to regularly gather feedback from staff and to catch dissatisfaction early . Page 14 .Catch dissatisfaction early.

a positive attitude increases by the employees towards the organization and its values. It is rapidly gaining popularity use and importance in a workplace and impacts organization in many ways. Therefore employee engagement emphasizes the importance of employee communication. Page 15 .Conclusion: Employee communication is the buss word for employee engagement . By the way of communication.

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