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     Attitude is a state of mind Your attitude is your mind-set It is the way you look at things mentally Attitudes are evaluative statements They indicate one’s feelings either favourably or unfavourably to persons objects and or events .

 It is a cognitive and affective evaluation that predisposes a person to to act in a certain way Cognitive Affective BEHAVIOUR .

   Cognitions (Thoughts) Affections (Feelings) Behaviour ( Actions and reactions) .

my intention to act) .   Cognitions (My job is interesting) Affections (I love my job) Behaviour ( I am going to get to work early with a smile on my face.

   Attitude is the way you communicate your mood to others The way you perceive the world and your position in it directly affects your dealings with others a positive self image will reinforce and improve both professional and personal relationships .


This is called the “mind-body” connection. This connection is made possible because of special chemical messengers. . and vice versa. which help our body's organs communicate directly with the brain. it has been proven that our thoughts and emotions directly affect the state of our physical health. called neuropeptides. In recent times.

. If you are caught in a stressful situation and you react to it with a negative thought (or words!). your brain releases neurotransmitters and hormones. your heart starts racing and your body releases two powerful stress hormones. which trigger physical responses in your body. Whenever you have a thought or emotion. cortisol and adrenalin.

suppress your immune system. They accelerate brain aging. When these hormones are secreted in response to continual stress. they have very negative impacts on your body. this can really slow down your progress! . If you want to get lean and improve your physical health. increase fat storage. and cause muscle and bone loss.

If your dislikes outnumbered your likes. Ask yourself why ? List the things you like about your job.     List any 10 things you would do if you have plenty of money. Were you happier in your childhood than at present. what will you do to change the situation. Recall your childhood dreams. List the things you dislike about your job. .



        Indifference ( waiting for some miracle to happen and not taking action to turn your dream into vision through your action) Indecision Worry – turning ourselves into Don Quixotes Diffidence – less adaptability to change Blame game Procrastination Ego Anger .

  Crab Trap Psychology of deceit .

The Plan of Action .

    Imagine yourself to be financially secure and successful Now describe the way in which you would talk Describe the way you would walk What are the impossible things you would do. .

“ I can do it. I will do it.    Confidence – Repeat the Mantra when the going gets tough for u. Try to be cheerful companion rather than grumpy. grouchy person. Create your unique style statement. I have to do it” and you will get going. Try practice of deep breathing in fresh air early morning and detoxicate at regular intervals . Physical fitness – increase intake of alkaline food and reduce acidic food. Make extra effort to look good.

      Listen to internal dialogue. Reconnect with old friends. As the Beatles and many sages of the spiritual and philisophical conditions have expounded. Find your spirituality. Help someone out. hobbies. Art of Communication Get back to basics. Time to get connected with your higher self. "Let It Be. Let it Be" .

then enjoy it.     Laugh at yourself and find humour in the simplest of things. Knowledge and Intellect and you will never be a failure. right now they are only bad. Always remember – Things could be worse. If you cant avoid it. Get three elements in you – Love . Stop clinging to past. Laughter is a powerful mood elevator. let bygones be bygones .