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with the help of suitable example.explain the advantage and disadvantage of DBMS.2009-2010) Q3: What are the responsibilities of DBA and Datadatabase designer? Also discuss the capabilities provided by DBMS? (2003-04.4: Three leveQl architecture of data base management system . 2004-05) Q.(2002-2003) .(2003-2004) Q5: Draw the block diagram of client server architecture and explain the advantage of client server computinglmj.(2003-04.Or Quest: Draw the peer to peer computing. What is the basic difference b/w client server and Peer to Peer computing (2003-04) Q2 : Draw the block diagram of client server architecture and explain the advantage of client server computing with the help of suitable example.

8. What the basic difference between the client server and peer to peer computing?(2004-2005) Q11. What is the various ways to reduce Network traffic of client-server computing?(2004-2005) Quest 12:-What diff. 9:-what is single system image and downsizing? (2002-2003) Ques10: -Explain client server architecture.what are various system development tools?(2002-2003) Que. Upsizing and Smart sizing.7.Que.2005-2006.Differentiate b/w Downsizing and Client/Server Computing?(2004-2005) . between state full and stateless server?(2004-2005) Q13(1). What is mainframe-centric client /server computing:?(2002-2003.2009-2010) Q.Differentiate between Transaction server and Data server system with example?(2004-2005) Q13(2) Explain the Rightsizing with Downsizing. Ques14:.

two tier and three tier architecture in brief.(2005-2006) Q18 :.WAYS TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE OF CLIENT SERVER COMPUTING? Q19: -what are the real world tools for development of client/server application?(20052006)   Q:20-Why is the client program finite and the server program? (2006-2007) .16:How you client server computing system looks like a single image system? Explain(20052006) Q17:What do mean by the client server architecture? Explain one tier..Q:15.What do you mean by client –server computing? What are driving forces behind the client-server computing?(2005-2006) Q.

23:.What are the different ways to improve the performance of client server computing? (2007-2008) Q27:.Are standard application protocols like TELNET. and NFS connectionless or connection oriented?(2006-2007) Q.What do you mean by desktop tools? (20072008) . ? (2007-2008) Q26:. FTP SMTP.Q.24:-What are the advantages of client server computing? (2006-2007) Q24:How to reduce the network traffic in the clientServer Computing? (2007-2008) Q25:-Give the brief description of client server computing.

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