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Design for Reliability Nokia Siemens Networks

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Mode of operation Mission Contribution within NSN Deployment plan

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Mode of Operation

Given task/authority
global owner of DfR concept drive reliability research

global function all ex-NET and ex-Siemens products and services

improve business success by optimized reliability performance create innovative reliability improvements enable adaptation of new product categories, products and

focus on reliability aspects seen by the customer, i.e. E-2-E reliability due to limited amount of own resources the impact relies much on
influencing skills and university co-operation

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To drive proactive reliability creation in NSN for built-in and optimized product reliability, increased R&D efficiency and decreased product lifetime costs, which leads to improved customer satisfaction.

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Contribution within NSN

Main role / contribution to NSN

New IPR and product/ feature specifications Active creation of reliability related IPRs Creation of product categories related to lifetime expectations and use context

Cost efficient and solution ready architecture

Recognition and utilization of redundant elements Drive reliable architecture solutions Drive validated common components

NSN using most competitive technologies

Assess reliability of new materials and technologies Drive DfR

NSN friendly content and IPR to standards

Support for architecture selection for reliable products Participate and drive reliability related standardization

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Deployment Plan
One project to be started with 3 work packages:

1. Global DfR implementation 2. E-2-E reliability 3. Strategic research with universities

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Work package #1 Global DfR implementation:

Intent: Drive DfR globally, new reliability concepts to be demonstrated and proven within RST projects. 1. Responding to customer requests/complaints (AT&T case as a reference) 2. Help desk for acute problems For example, recommendations related to derating, new technology adaptation, reliability theory 3. Training (10-hour package available) 4. Web pages with training material, presentations, contact persons, review network

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Work package #1: DfR global implementation

5. Program support SMART, reducing the need for maintenance *utilization of redundancy (adaptive beam forming algorithm & new maintenance strategy implemented in alarm functionality) *GaN stability study (TKK) Guran, revising the lifetime requirements *lifetime requirement update based on consumer product requirements *light FMEA i.e. finding out probable weak points followed by HALT

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Work package #2: E-2-E Reliability

Intent: Improve the reliability seen by our customers. Network operating without interruptions. Approach: Network modeling. Development of smart solutions. Influencing to 1) allocate resources for improvement projects 2) adapt best practices. 1. System reliability modeling 2. Managed services *fast cure for network level concerns 2. NFF reduction *work force needed 3. Network control SW improvement *alarms to be more explicit 4. BIST development (Oulu University)
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Work package #3: University co-operation

Intent: Obtain 1) strategic research results 2) research services

1. System-level reliability, TKK, Finland 2. BIST (Built-In Self Test), Oulu University, Finland 3. Use environment engineering, Limerick, Ireland 4. Power amplifier stability measurements, TKK, Finland 5. Micro-via identification study, CALCE, USA 6. Test efficiency/HALT study, TKK, Finland

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