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How to Attract a Pool of Candidates Who Are Qualified, Diverse, and Interested in the Job You Have Open

Reasons in Your Organization

Join Leave

In this session

Look at why employees join and leave organizations Learn recruitment strategies and their relationship to overall organizational strategy Look at several recruitment methods and practices And also investigate the marketing of openings through job advertisements

Reasons for Employee Turnover

Factors Outside Organizations Control A Number of Employment Alternatives Poor Person-Organization Fit Poor Person-Job Fit Poor Interpersonal Fit

Other Considerations

The organization needs to realize that:

People want to work, but not at jobs that require no skill or intelligence

Job design implications

Most employees leave because they dont feel needed, appropriately utilized, or appreciated.

Money is the most impersonal reasonso thats why employees cite money as the most important reason why they are leaving!

Figure out the real reasons and do something about it.

Recruitment Strategies

Based to a large extent on the type of organization and its culture

Addresses the P-O fit Internal v. External

Also based on strategic intent, demand for type of position, and available resources


Firms are increasingly engaging in Targeted Recruitment Targeted implies that the media and message used is specifically aimed at a particular group (e.g., women, Hispanics, disabled)

INTERNAL Job postings Must be feasible Must be trusted Should include JOB TITLE KSAs PAY SCALE TASKS Problem for achieving Affirm. Action goals

Succession Planning

EXTERNAL Employee Referrals Internet College recruiting Advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, tv Employment Agencies

Public Private

Professional Groups


Should sell the organization, but provide a Realistic Job Preview for the applicant Should provide specific information about the job tasks/activities, the KSAs required, and the range of pay appropriate to the job Should represent the targeted audience (both in written and pictoral messages)

How to write an ad:

A good ad should draw attention, create interest, screen candidates, and provide for easy responses The headline should draw attention The body of the ad should be based on job requirements and job rewards so that applicants can self-screen The writing style should be natural, engaging, enthusiastic and easy to understand The ad should close with detailed info on how to apply for the job


The good news is that external recruitment brings in new blood, can increase diversity, reduce company politics, and in some cases reduce training costs The bad news is that newcomers may be resented by insiders who didnt get the job, that you know nothing of their KSAs except by selection measures, and that they wont know the culture of the organization

Must Consider Characteristics of Recruiter:

Applicants like being interviewed by someone like themselves; this gives them the impression that they will fit in Applicants like speaking with someone from the functional area theyll be in Personal characteristics of recruiter also matter: strong interpersonal skills, knowledge and enthusiasm about company and job improve acceptance rates


How to Attract a Pool of Candidates Who Are Qualified, Diverse, and Interested in the Job You Have Open