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Role Analysis

Zain Nikita Deeksha Avinash IIPM/A/FW/2011-13

The need for analyzing the roles and jobs for purposes of HRD is a vital one. For the easy approach of analysis the different terms used for describing work by the people do in an organization are Analyzing the Role for Development

Designing HRD Strategy

Getting The Big Picture
Developing A mission Statement
Conducting Org. SWOT Analysis

Conducting HR Analysis Determining Critical people issues

Developing Consequences and solutions

Implementation and evaluation of action plans

The task
Task is the basic unit of a job, and may be defined as a specific element in a particular job. It may be also defined as a specific activity quite often bound by time.

The job
Job is a component of work and may be defined as a specific requirement to get a product, or achieve an objective. A series of tasks to be accomplished within a job could be. In a job there is a strong relationship between the job performer and the product of that performance.

The position
A specific point in the organization (the organization being represented as a pattern of hierarchy) is the position or office. While the term job is descriptive (it describes the activities in which the person is likely to be engaged). Position is evaluative (it described the level, power, authority sanctions, etc., the person has in carrying out a job assigned to him).

The Role
Role is the latest concept in the area of relationship of an individual and the organization. Role is a position or an office a person occupies as defined by expectations from significant persons in the organization, including the person himself. In other words a position or an office becomes a role when it is defined by various expectations from that position. Role therefore may keep changing with time. Changes in technology challenges the environment, people and the competencies of the role holder.

The work
Work is a wider concept in which a person involved in an activity is seen in relation with his tools and other persons performing a similar activity.

1. initial screening interview 2. completion of the application form 3. employment tests 4. comprehensive interview 5. background investigation 6. conditional job offer 7. medical/physical exam 8. permanent job offer

An assessment center consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple inputs. Multiple trained observers and techniques are used. Judgments about behaviors are made, in major part, from specifically developed assessment simulations. These judgments are pooled in a meeting among the assessors or by a statistical integration process.




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