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WSE & Web Services

Clark Sell
Software Architect / Developer

• Background
• Business Challenges
• Web Services and WSE
• The Solution
• The Unanticipated
• The Future
• Demo
• Wrap Up / Resources
Power of the Platform…

Interoperability and Web Services

Platform Interoperability

Capture New
Leverage All
Microsoft Integrated

Web Services

Unix AS400

Linux OS390
Committed to Open Standards
and Interoperability

Actively participating with standards bodies:

Web Services
in action at Allstate
“In the past, integrating something like the Customer
Care Center with would have been considered
a big project, but with .NET software we got it done in two months.”
Kevin Rice, Enterprise Architect, Allstate

Allstate uses Web services to launch insurance policy management

solution in two months

Allstate wanted to give 
Re-created the customer- 
New feature quickly
customers access to life oriented user interface on adopted by customers
and annuity policies the professional-oriented
through its customer- portal

Multimillion-dollar savings
facing Web portal from resource reuse

Used Web Services

Another portal had the Enhancements 2.0 for

New opportunities from
required functionality, but Microsoft .NET to securely
access was limited and the and seamlessly pass architecture
interface was targeted at customer data through 
Development costs 50
financial professionals SOAP calls percent lower than
What’s in it for you!

• Links to valuable resources

• Learnings from a production application
• Knowledge on the upcoming .Net and WSE changes
• Detailed slide notes
• .Net 2.0 demo

Allstate wanted to give policy holders access to life and

annuity policies through its customer-facing Web portal.
Such functionality already existed through another Web
portal that was restricted to financial representatives.

Allstate used Web Services Enhancements version 2.0 for

Microsoft® .NET to reuse existing technology, providing
access to customers and creating a security Web
service available across the enterprise.
Business Challenge

• Goals
– Expand feature set
– Maintain one user experience for customers
– Maintain one login between two external sites

• Challenge
– Two separate companies ( Allstate, Allstate Financial )
 Both with existing web functionality
 Totally different backend systems

– Quick time to market

 Reuse existing presentation code
 Reuse existing integrations to back-end systems
Web Services

• 4 tenants of service design

– Boundaries Are Explicit
– Autonomous
– Share Schema and Contract, Not Class
– Compatibility is Based on Policy
Web Services Enhancements, WSE

• “Develop secure, interoperable Web

services based on open industry
specifications” –Why WSE

• Standards
– WS-Security
– WS-Addressing
– WS-Policy
– Etc
The Solution

• Access Allstate Service suite of web services

• Access Allstate .aspx filter page
• User Session Solution
• Custom Controls dynamically change based on users
The Land

DMZ Web Servers

Application Servers

Data Center #1 “Customer Care”

SOAP Call Secured with WS-Security

Web Customers

Request Login

DMZ Web Servers

Web Service Servers



Policy Detail
Application Servers

Data Center #2 Access Allstate

Customer Experience, Access Allstate
Customer Experience, Customer Care
Implementation Details

• Customer Care requests a user login on behalf of that

• Validate and return URL with token
• Customer Care redirects user to Access Allstate
• Access Allstate logs in user
• UI experience is maintained between sites
Implementation Details cont.

• Manage your own proxy classes

• Web Service Versioning
• Automated testing
The Unanticipated

• Error handling
• Session timeouts
• URL’s were different
• HTTPS popup box
The Future

• What will happen to WSE?

• Indigo is becoming a reality.
The Demo

• .Net 2.0
• ASP.Net 2.0
• WSE 2.0 SP3
– WS-Security X509 Certificates
• Themes
• Skins
Best Practices / Wrap Up

• Schema and WSDL first

• Don’t forget about key management
• Tackle versioning up front
• Keep it real, write a Java consumer and validate your
service interoperability
– Write automated unit tests
• Don’t forget about your customer(s) and your contract(s)

• Books
– Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit
– Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field Guide to Integrating XML
and Web Services
– Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design

• Code Tools
– XSDObjectGen

• Internet Links, see slide notes

• Blogs, see slide notes

Contact Information

Clark Sell
Allstate Financial Technology