A Steel Colossus


To Be the World¶s Steel Industry benchmark through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct Always believed in the principle of mutual benefitbenefitbetween countries, corporations, customers, employees and communities-is the most effective communitiesroute to profitable and sustainable growth Core Values are,  Integrity  Understanding  Excellence  Unity  Responsibility  


Established in 1907 Amongst the Top 10 Global Steel Companies Production Capacity: 28 million tonnes per annum Capacity: 26th Aug, 1907 : Issue of shares ± A first in the financial history of the country 27th Feb, 1908 : Commencement of Constructions The Location : Sakchi 1909 : Layout of blast furnace, steel furnace, coke ovens, machine shops & power house      


1910 : Acquisition of land for sites, mines, quarries 1910 : Acquisition of first colliery 16th Feb, 1912 : First Steel ingot was produced II War : Prices of Tata Steel < Steel produced in England Projects :  Howrah Bridge  Bhakra Nangal  Damodar Valley  Kandla Port  Chandigarh City    


1912 : 8 hour working day 1915 : Free Medical Aid 1st June, 1920 : Workers Provident Fund Scheme 5th March, 1920 : Formation of Jamshedpur Labor Association & Principle of Joint Consultation 1st Nov, 1932 : Publication of ³Tisco Review´ ³Tisco 1st Sep, 1934 : Profit Sharing Bonus Introduced     


1947 : Formation of Personnel Dept ± To steer labor welfare 1956 : Initiation of ³Employee Association with Management´ 1979 : Tata Steel Rural Development Society Formed 2004 : First Overseas Acquisition April 2007 : Acquisition of Corus    


Facilities around the world  India  UK  Netherlands  Thailand  Singapore  China  Australia Operating Companies  Tata Steel Limited India  Tata Steel Europe Limited  Tata Steel Thailand 


Corporate goals for the fiscal 2012-2013 2012 30% return on invested capital  Reduction of lost time injury frequency rate to a max of 0.4 incidence per million hours worked  Reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions to less than 1.9 tonnes per ton of crude steel  Rank as an employer of choice in the top quartile across all industries

Board of Directors
Chairman : Ratan Tata Vice Chairman : B Muthuraman Managing Director : H M Nerurkar Secretary : A Anjeneyan CFO : Koushik Chatterjee Group Director : Sandip Biswas


Board meeting ± Detailed review of health & safety SHE Committee ± Overall leadership January 2011 ± Group-wide health and safety policy GroupOctober 2009 ± Excellence in health and safety 35 million accident free hours in Jamshedpur blast furnace construction LTIFR ± 3.5 to 0.56     


Tata Steel Europe ± HSMS ± 15 fundamental principles Thailand & China ± Safety Excellence Journey NatSteel Singapore ± 2 year DuPont SEJ ± 2009 Solve This Ongoing Problem (STOP) teams ± Observe safety behaviour and interaction with employees Tata Steel Safety Excellence Management & Review ± Proactive assessment of risks and hazards and controlling them    


Core Principles ± Equality of opportunity, continuing personal development, fairness, mutual trust & teamwork Recruitment ± Good challenging jobs with opportunities for development and progression Training & Development ± Continued investment Workforce ± Diversity in race, caste, religion, etc. Formal Grievance Process ± Appropriate action Tata Code of Conduct ± Personal responsibility to preserve human rights     

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