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Strasbour ALDA and the network of LDA-s
Actions in support to grassroot
05/06/07 democracy and good local

NALAS General Assembly, Tirana 23/24
November 2009

Stanka Parac Damjanovic,
LDA-s partnership support manager

was established by the Council of Europe Building bridges of confidence in times of conflicts Restoring the democratic potential at grassroot level Developing a public space for good local governance – space for civil society introducing participatory democracy and local partnerships . when the first LDA – in g former war torn Yugoslavia (city of 05/06/07 Subotica )..Strasbourg 27/11/08 Strasbour 31/07/07 Since 1993.

conflict prevention to local development •From cross-sectoral partnerships to good local governance and EU integration .Strasbourg •Since 1993 LDA-s established in 11 27/11/08 Strasbour non-capital cities in Western Balkans 31/07/07 g •LDA established in Georgia 2006 05/06/07 •LDA was established established in Albania. •International decentralised partnership co-operation in synergy with the local context •From humanitarian aid. September 2008.

31/07/07 g •Confidence building measures in post- 05/06/07 conflict reconciliation process • Consolidation of peace and democratic stability for the region •Fostering cross-border cooperation programmes •Promoting Eureopean values and standards in good local governance •Enhancing citizen participation in decision making at local level .Strasbourg ALDA – promoting local democracy 27/11/08 Strasbour network and coordination since 1999.

Practical initiative for getting EU Strasbourg 27/11/08 perspective closer to citizens in local Strasbour 31/07/07 communities: g •EU local authorities’ active 05/06/07 involvement in developing the co- operation programmes in support to better local governance in the region •EU Active Citizenship Programme •Awareness raising on implementation of Acqui at local level •LDA-s as catalysts of civil dialogue at local level .

Local needs based priorities • Capacity building for better local government • Intercultural understanding and dialogue • Youth empowerment • Local economic development .

Strasbourg LDA partnership networks: 27/11/08 Strasbour 31/07/07 •Local civil society organisations in g partnership with the host city 05/06/07 authorities •Partnership with other local/regional actors •Effective partnership networks for co-ordination and sustainability • Lead partners as visionary strategists – getting new partners on board and for LDA-s effective responses to local population’s needs .

Strasbourg 27/11/08 Strasbour 31/07/07 g 05/06/07 Trainings for local civil society and local authorities: diversity management and intercultural governance .

training toolkits •LDA offices as Information points – on EU integration related issues •Learning by doing approach . Methodology Strasbourg 27/11/08 Strasbour •Capacity building – training for different 31/07/07 g sectors of local society 05/06/07 •Information share/ transfer of good local practice •Awareness raising. campaigns.

allies and legitimacy: different resources used simultaneously . NGO 05/06/07 practitioners.Strasbourg 27/11/08 Strasbour Role of LDAs: 31/07/07 g •Resources: human resources. volunteers. co-ordination. local network of partners. •Planning the communication with local actors involved in the actions •Prioritize the actions •Project ideas development. management •Team building •Synergy.

LDA –s represented in local self- government institutions 6. research scientific institutions. think-tanks.regional networks.Strasbourg 27/11/08 Strasbour ALDA/LDAs: effective partnership in : 31/07/07 g 3. Local authorities involved in NGO cooperation programmes 5. ALDA interaction and dialogue with relevant stakeholders responsible for regional and cross-border co-operation. . Associations of local authorities 8. NGO. Project development and regional/local 05/06/07 implementation 4. 7.

Strasbourg Host cities: 27/11/08 Strasbour 31/07/07 2. LDAs in Croatia: Verteneglio. LDA Georgia – Tbilisi 8. LDAs in BiH – Mostar.Shkodra . Osijek 5. LDA Montenegro – Niksic 6. g Zavidovici 05/06/07 3. Nis 4. LDA Albania . LDA Kosovo – Gjilan 7. LDAs in Serbia: Subotica. Prijedor. Sisak.

Shkodra • Environment protection. local economic development: Nis .LDA-s co-operation • Intercultural dialogue and cross-border co-peration programme • Mostar. Subotica • Youth in action program Subotica. Gjilan. Niksic. Sisak. Osijek. Verteneglio . Osijek. Nis. Sisak. Zavidovici.

Strasbourg 27/11/08 Strasbour 31/07/07 g 05/06/07 Thank you for your attention .