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Contributed by Priya Koli Deepali Nalawade 125 132 Harshada Paradkar Jayati Sharma Tasneem Taj 137 148 150 .

refers to the way. various parts of an organization fit together into relatively fixed relationship. .Meaning • The term organization structure.

Elements of Organizational Structure Work specialization Departmentalization Chain-of-command Span of control Formalization Centralization and De-centralization Line versus Staff position .


. • Increased work specialization leads to increased effectiveness. • Definition • The term work specialization is used to describe the degree to which task in the organization are sub-divided into separate jobs. • Depends on the size of the organization.Contd.. .

The process of breaking up of organizations into coherent units. DEPARTMENTALIZATION .

with people who perform similar functions assigned to the same department. • Benefits • Limitations .Functional Organizations • Departmentalize individuals according to the nature of the functions they perform.

Product Organization • Creates self-contained divisions.each of which is responsible for everything to do with a certain product or group of products. • Benefits • Limitations .

• Benefits • Limitations .Matrix Organization • Organisation in which an employee is required to report to both a functional manager as well as the product manager.

Authority Unity-of-command CHAIN OF COMMAND .

Chain of command @ Managing Director Executive Director Senior Sales Manager General Manager Joint General Manager Deputy General Manager Assistant General Manager Chief Manager Manager Senior Officer Officer .

• Organizations are restructuring their workforce. during the 1980s.Concept • Advancements in computer technology. • It has been estimated of the middle management jobs were eliminated in American companies. .

Assumption • • • • • • • To make better decisions Greater profitability For example: Automobile industry: General Motors – 22 Layers of management Ford – 17 Layers of management Toyota – 7 Layers of management .


Contd… • Origination • Meaning • Hierarchy .

Flat Organization CEO Human Resource Finance Marketing Operations System Administration .

Tall Organization CEO VP (Marketing) VP (Finance) .

Factors influencing span-of-control • Job complexity • Similarity of sub-ordinates job • Abilities of managers • Abilities of employees • Technology .


Contd… • Meaning • Degree of Formalization .

Decentralization Centralization .

Contd… • • • • Top level and lower level management Meaning of centralization Meaning of de-centralization Optimum balance between centralization and de-centralization .


Line position .

Staff position .

Smart Work Research Confidence Good Presentation .

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