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Agile Software Development: What’s Really Going On
Scott W. Ambler Practice Leader Agile Development

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Scott Ambler - Background
 Practice Leader Agile Development  Fellow – International Association of Software Architects  www-306.ibm.com/software/rational/bios/ambler.html


IBM Software Group | Rational software Presentation Overview  Warning!  Agile Software Development (ASD)  Agile Adoption Rates  Going Beyond the Extreme Rhetoric 3 .

IBM Software Group | Rational software Warning!  I’m spectacularly blunt at times  Many new ideas will be presented  Some may not fit well into your existing environment  Some will challenge your existing notions about software development  Some will confirm your unvoiced suspicions  Don’t make any “career-ending moves”  Be skeptical but open minded 4 .

® IBM Software Group Agile Software Development (ASD) What is ASD? How it’s different Mythbusters Why does ASD Work? Some Common Practices © 2007 IBM Corporation .

 Core principles “Fits just right” process Continuous testing and validation Consistent team collaboration Rapid response to change Ongoing customer involvement Frequent delivery of working software 6 .IBM Software Group | Rational software What is Agile?  An iterative and incremental (evolutionary) approach performed in a highly collaborative manner with just the right amount of ceremony to produce high quality software in a cost effective and timely manner which meets the changing needs of its stakeholders.

IBM Software Group | Rational software How Agile is Different  Focus on collaboration: Less paperwork and more conversation Stakeholders actively involved  Focus on working software: Greater feedback makes agile projects easier to manage Less documentation is required Less bureaucracy  Agilists are generalizing specialists: Less hand offs between people Less people required Specialists find it difficult at first to fit into the team  Agile is based on practice. not theory: This is a significant change from traditional You need to see how agile works in practice to truly understand it 7 .

Is a Fad 7. It requires skilled people 8. Eclipse is agile 6. Not Fixed Price 9. Does Not Scale 6. Undisciplined 3. Silver Bullet 8. Just-in-time (JIT) planning 4. RUP isn’t agile 2. Far more predictable 5. schedule. Not Predictable 5. Requires great discipline 3. Agile Documentation 2.IBM Software Group | Rational software Mythbusters Myth 1. RUP is as agile as you make it 9. No Planning 4. No Documentation Reality 1. Agile provides stakeholders control over the budget. and scope 8 . It’s quickly becoming the norm 7.

ambysoft.htm 9 .com/essays/whyAgileWorksFeedback.IBM Software Group | Rational software Why Agile Works www.

IBM Software Group | Rational software Some Common Practices Regular Deployment of Working Software Pair Programming Refactoring Continuous Integration Test Driven Development (TDD) Shared Code Ownership Active Stakeholder Participation 10 .

® IBM Software Group Agile Adoption Rates* Have you Adopted Agile? Number of Projects Run Success Rates *Figures from an April 2007 Survey to be summarized in the August 2007 issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal © 2007 IBM Corporation .

IBM Software Group | Rational software Has Your Organization Adopted One or More Agile Techniques? No 31% Yes 69% 12 .

IBM Software Group | Rational software Number of Agile Projects Run 20+ 57 10 to 20 30 5 to 10 82 2 to 5 194 1 64 13 .

IBM Software Group | Rational software % of Successful Agile Projects 5% 12% 6% 44% 33% 90%+ 75-90% 50-74% 25-49% >25% 14 .

® IBM Software Group Going Beyond the Extreme Rhetoric Modeling and Documentation Rational Unified Process (RUP) Testing Database Refactoring Database Regression Testing Governance © 2007 IBM Corporation .

htm 16 .com/essays/amdd.IBM Software Group | Rational software Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) Project Level www.agilemodeling.

IBM Software Group | Rational software Agile Documentation  Document the stable. consistent. not the speculative  Agile documents: Maximize stakeholder ROI Describe “good things to know” Have a specific customer and facilitate the work efforts of that customer Are sufficiently accurate. and detailed 17 .

IBM Software Group | Rational software Rational Unified Process (RUP) 18 .

IBM Software Group | Rational software Agile Testing www.com/dept/debug/196603549?cid=Ambysoft  Regression testing is critical to the success of evolutionary (iterative and incremental) development  Acceptance tests are considered to be primary requirements artifacts  Unit tests are considered to be detailed design artifacts 19 .ddj.

A database schema includes both structural aspects such as table and view definitions as well as functional aspects such as stored procedures and triggers.IBM Software Group | Rational software Database Refactoring  A database refactoring is a simple change to a database schema that improves its design while retaining both its behavioral and informational semantics. www.agiledata. and Replace Blob With Table. Rename Table. Examples: Move Column. Important: Database refactorings are a subset of schema transformations.org    20 . but they do not add functionality.

html 21 .agiledata.org/essays/databaseTesting.IBM Software Group | Rational software Database Testing www.

IBM Software Group | Rational software Agility at Scale: “Right-Sizing” Governance  Pragmatic Governance Body  Staged Program Delivery  Manage Project Pipeline By Business Value  Scenario-Driven Development  Iterative Development  Adapt The Process  Risk-Based Milestones  Continuous Improvement  Embedded Compliance  Simple And Relevant Metrics  Continuous Project Monitoring Organization & Meetings Mission & Principles Processes Measures Roles & Responsibilities Policies & Standards  Integrated Lifecycle Environment  Valued Corporate Assets  Flexible Architectures  Self-Organizing Teams  Align HR Policies With IT Values  Align Organization Structure With Architecture 22 .

Keep In Touch! IBM Software Group ® Scott W.html © 2007 IBM Corporation .com/software/rational/bios/ambler. Ambler www-306.ibm.

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